You ARE Capable of Success (And Finally Quitting Your Office Job)



If you’re into some real and raw “ish” AND like practical, doable solutions, this blog post is for you…

After 15 years of searching and struggling, I had to take a hard look in the mirror and get REAL with myself about what wasn’t working.

Before we dive in to the good stuff, holy SMOKES- if you ever wanna see how much PASSION people can have for some random things, join your local Costco Facebook group.  

(I promise this ties in to my point.)

This lady - let’s call her Jan - faithfully updated her local Costco friends with a post in all caps: “POOL AND TOMMY BAHAMA CHAIR UPDATE: Both are in transit…” and proceeded to give a deeeetailed play-by-play update.  Jan’s hot tip for her fellow local Costco patrons? Call Costco every day for delivery updates.

We all have to find our little secret corner of the internet

Our own brand of hardcore Costco fans.

We OFTEN underestimate just how passionate people are when it comes to the fitness industry. (We tend to hear “NO” a lot, and it can get hella disheartening!)

I PROMISE- Jan’s Costco passion is the type of passion that’s in you.  What’s something you feel that strongly about?  MUCH of figuring out where we’re gonna feel confident and be successful comes from nailing that down! 

How did I even start bringing you Authentic AF Marketing?  

16 years ago, my husband Bill and I had a lil biz called “Lazy Groceries.”

After building a website and EVERYTHING, we got... 1 order.  (PS, test your concept FIRST, ok?  Don’t build a website.)

2 years into dating, we vacationed in Vietnam for 3 weeks and liked it so much that we decided to quit our jobs, move there, and open an office. (At the time, I was a general manager of a gym and Bill worked for my parents’ flooring business.) 

We taught English on the side to keep our visas while exploring the areas of exporting. Our goal was to create an online business where we could be remote, find suppliers, and sell things online.

We sold everything from baby bed sheets, to backpacks and art… We weren’t necessarily passionate about certain items, but the process.  (Actually, we had some buffalo horn scarf rings that ended up doing well… they were cheaper models of more high-end scarf rings. We did $30,000/year and we were stoked on it!) 

The Problem

BUT - every time we’d gain momentum and products were doing well, things tended to taper off because the keyword started getting competition or people would copy us. 

(Since Bill was always the tech side, I was the “face” of the biz.  It felt VERY awkward for me… I was SO uncomfortable having to do scarf tutorials! I mean WTF?!)

The Solution

I also kept my fitness industry career.  Eventually I got an offer on the West Coast, and it just made sense for me to take that role. Meanwhile, I still knew there was something ELSE out there for me- I didn’t love the idea of not being able to take vacations when I wanted them. The idea of having children also never really entered my mind, because I was working so much that I didn’t see how it would be possible.

Bill and I found ourselves in a very unique situation: I moved to Vancouver Island for the new job, and Bill stayed across the country in Ontario because there were no great jobs for him out west. It just made sense for him to stay.  I had an amazing job, so we did a 6-week shuffle where he’d come see me, then return to Ontario.

You know, even though it was HARD (we did that shuffle for 2.5 years!!), I valued that space because in taking that time for myself, my soul FLOURISHED.

I hired a branding coach. I had no idea what my product was going to be, but I just kept moving in the direction of my passion.  I figured somewhere down the path, I’d eventually find my place and it would work out.

I spent mornings before work testing things out. I connected with old friends and realized there was a gap in the health and fitness market that I might be able to fill.  I’ve always been in the teaching space in health and fitness, so this was natural for me.

A lot of us are SEARCHING for a SIGN that we are capable, but if we don’t feel motivated, we HAVEN’T FOUND THE RIGHT THING YET. 

We ALL have that inner fire and motivation… it just comes when we truly connect with our purpose.  

My biz coach kept nudging me toward naming my “inner goddess,” (I was like, “okay, what is this...”), and he kept asking “WHAT IS HER PURPOSE?

When I stepped back and figured out what I wanted to do for other people, I had an AH-HA moment. If I could reduce overwhelm and connect dots for people, I would feel UH-MAZING. 

Maybe you can relate: I don’t thrive in chaos at ALL… I like things to be very simplified and organized, and well put together.  I realized that maybe other people appreciate that too, and they can finally get to the level they’ve really wanted in their business.

This turned into a GAME CHANGER: I realized I’d find something I could spend 2-3 hours on, and it felt like minutes. It’s that “flow state” where you just know you’re doing the right things in the right space.

(If you sit down to do something and you’re dying inside, watching the clock... it’s a good sign you need to delegate it or it’s not part of that zone of genius where you SHOULD be spending your time!)

I deeply believe we ALL have this sweet spot we’re meant to be working in and if you’re struggling, it’s because you haven’t made your connection with it.

When we’re kids, we all have a desire to BE something when we grow up. Mine was a writer. ✍️  I was only in 1st grade when it came up! Throughout the years, I was writing all the time... I would write stuff then burn it, because it felt so vulnerable. I wanted to write to connect with people.  

My parents encouraged me (apparently I was good in their eyes). If you’re looking for a sign as to what you’re connected with, look to what you wanted to be when you grew up. What was that core feeling behind it?

For me, it was connecting with people and creating bridges. It was telling a story and helping someone feel less alone in that particular journey.

Maybe you're in the health and fitness space, but there’s a deeper reason or calling that connects you. I think that leaves clues in terms of “what angle.”  

My sweet spot? “selling” through social media. How to MOVE people through the Customer Value Journey. 

💜 When you look at your OWN journey, there’s always something you’re more specialized in.  You might think: “I don’t want to limit myself by saying ‘no’ to some people or being TOO specialized,” but that’s a mistake! The more specialized you are, the more that person on the other side realizes you’re talking to THEM.

It’s ok to picture your exact ideal customer on the other side of the keyboard and speak directly to them.  There’s a lot of power in honing in on that person! It’s the SUPER key to success! 🗝🗝🗝

✋If you've been struggling and haven’t reaching that tipping point yet, I’ve put together a FREE Masterclass that will help you get back to that childhood feeling you were after and separate yourself in a sea of sameness.  To find your passionate corner of the internet (your own local “Costco” crowd), and EXPONENTIALLY grow your business.  

(We were able to 10x our business in one year once we connected with these things and got everything in line.)  

If you think it’s gonna take more time, that’s a BELIEF... not a TRUTH.  💯 The more confident you are, the faster this thing can go for you.

(Remember I said this post was for you if you like PRACTICAL SOLUTIONS?)

  1. On a scale of 1-10, how confident are you in your biz right now?
  2. What are 1-2 SMALL things you can do to raise that number?
  3. Do you have a strategy around how you're inviting or selling?
  4. What is something you can do RIGHT NOW to take a step in the right direction? (👇*HINT: I have something for you, right now.) 🦄

✨In my Free, 60-Minute Training, You’ll Learn:✨

  • EXACT, proven strategies and a 3-step formula (easy peazy)
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