There’s A Better Way To Grow Your Social Media Following And Build Your Business That DOESN’T Require Annoying Your Friends, Or Being A Cookie-Cutter Online Network Marketer.

Ready For Everything To Finally Click?

Become A Social Media Expert In Record Time!

Growing an online following takes consistent effort and doing it well can seem to take you HOURS, because you want to be authentic and stay true to YOU, right?

If you’re like “OMG, YES!” Then put on your Gangsta Glasses and keep reading… ‘cuz we’re gonna get you where you wanna go and FAST.

You shouldn’t have to seek people out, or convince them of anything.

You SHOULD feel like you’re meeting your community’s needs, and truly helping people who WANT your help. (Hellooo, passion + fulfillment!)

Knowing what to say on social media day after day can feel overwhelming, and many of us know what it’s like to burn hot for a while then fizzle out, because life is cray and it REALLY catches up. OR, we don’t know where to start... so we freeze in place and do nothing.

What Makes You Stand Out?

The thing is, HUNDREDS of your dream clients are choosing a health/wellness coach or rep hoping they’ve found the RIGHT FIT to help them achieve their goals.

How do they know WHY they should pick YOU?

How will they find you?

How do you stand out? 

Sometimes luck and random effort works, but not enough to get you from part-time to full-time.

Not enough to keep you from worrying where your next sale is coming from.

Look... You’re A Badass, My Friend!

You’ve taken those steps toward your BHAG’s (Big Hairy Audacious Goals), and it’s NOT YOUR FAULT you’re feeling stuck. Network marketing businesses are often sold as “the dream job.” 

“Just talk to some of your friends, and soon you’ll be sipping sangria by the pool taking selfies with your laptop and hashtagging #workfromhome on Instagram!”

Just Like Following A Nutrition And Exercise Plan For A Fitness Journey...

You need an exact, PROVEN strategy to actually see results in your business.

I’m here to give you concrete, easy-to-implement steps for getting people to engage, while filling your funnel and helping your business THRIVE. I want to save you headaches and hours of effort!

AND (True story): I don’t want you to need me forever.

(I’m giving you the confidence and expertise to continue growing your social media following long AFTER you found me!)

That’s Why I Developed My Social Selling Secrets Curriculum… you can build a solid BRAND that inspires trust, love, and die-hard loyalty from your followers and fans!

Imagine what it would feel like to have a gameplan laid out for you with no more guessing. (I call it “spraying and praying”.)

To have the RIGHT people coming TO you, wanting your help with their goals. (No more awkward messages in your life, ever?!)

You’ll FINALLY Have A Proven System For Attracting Customers And Team Members… you can simply watch your checks grow steadily each month as you continue doing what you wanted to do in the first place! Help people.

(Maybe a glass of wine or sangria is just what you should celebrate with!)

You Won’t Wake Up One Day With Money Falling From The Sky

No one magically stumbles upon a full-time income with their network marketing company…

It simply happens over time when you use the right strategy consistently, and teach your members to duplicate it!  (Rinse and repeat!)

All you’ve gotta do is commit to being successful with your biz… and I’ve done my BEST to take the confusion out of the picture for you.

Here’s Why You Should Trust Me. (I Get It!)

My name is Ashley Shaw and I’m the founder of the Fitness Leader Institute.

Over the past 4 years, I’ve helped over 9,500 coaches & reps just like you to finally get their social media under control so they can grow their business.

With over 20 years in the health and fitness industry, I know exactly what to say and do on social media to get more customers and team members for your business.

And I’ve even grown my own business to over 7 figures per year using social media as well (so I can teach you exactly how I’ve done it).

After My Course, You’ll…

  • ELIMINATE COMPETITION by identifying what separates you from everyone else. (You’re the ONLY ONE with YOUR story!) You’re gonna learn how your pivotal life moments have shaped you to do EXACTLY what you’re doing now!
  • Identify your ZONE OF GENIUS. How do other people see you? What do they love about you? What strengths and expertise should you be shouting from the rooftops?? (‘Cuz you should!)
  • Decide what you stand for. What are your values? Defining them makes every decision EASY! (Your online presence will become ORGANIC and ENGAGING… which attracts your ideal customers like a magnet!)
  • Let people get to KNOW YOU. What’s your brand? You HAVE to figure this out, because it’s your introduction before you officially meet someone. We’re going to give your customers a seamless brand experience.
  • Attract your DREAM customer. Who are they? What language do they use? What do they think about? Using this info will DOUBLE your engagement!
  • Save TIME: Your most valuable resource. You’ll save MASSIVE time by using the 80/20 principle, and strategies CEO’s use to have maximum success in MUCH less time.
  • Create SCROLL-STOPPING Content. Do you have a content strategy?? Let’s put everything you’ve learned into ACTION!

But Reviews Are The Real Test, So Here’s What Some Of My Members Say...

Bria Evenson

“Each activity and opportunity to work together has clarified and strengthened my understanding of my own mission, skills and opportunities. Often I find that courses provide inspiration but not enough direction…and Ashley has helped me find inspiration THROUGH the direction and clarity that her courses and work has provided.

I have seen a significant increase in social engagement, direct messages from my IDEAL customers and a deeper connection with the customers I already had. I would absolutely recommend any chance to work with Ashley.”

Krista Knox

“Ashley gave me the tools I needed to see that my story matters and taught me how to use my voice in a way that will allow my business to grow in an authentic way.

Ashley, thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for showing me how to turn my struggles into a new beautiful reality. You showed me that I am exactly where I need to be to become the woman I know I was meant to be.”

In My Social Selling Secrets Curriculum, You’re Going To Nail Down…


Sharing Your Authentic Story

How to attract new followers who will know, like, and trust you.


Finding Your Sweet Spot

How to determine where your passions and your community’s needs overlap so you can be of maximum service… and get maximum sales by helping your followers solve their biggest problems.


Communicating Your Values

How to stand out and attract truly like-minded followers and fans without seeming obnoxious or weird.


Establishing Your Brand

How to create visually consistent content that gives a vibe your audience will fall in love with!


Identify and Attract Your Ideal Customer

How to ONLY talk to serious people who desperately want what you have to offer.


Find & Analyze the Metrics that Matter

How to focus on the 20% of activities that create 80% of your results and accelerate your growth. (Less work, more success!)


Building Your Email List

How to get full control of your business and increase engagement and reach, without all the tech headaches people normally face. (We make it super easy for you!)


Building Your Facebook Group

How to get amazing interactions (and customer insights) all while deepening your bond with your followers.


Getting Confident On Camera

How to do videos and Facebook Lives, even if it seems super scary to you right now. This is a simple way to supercharge your relationship with your fans (without having to be a perfectionist), and achieve MASSIVE results!


Slowing The Scroll

How to use Instagram Stories to bring more growth, engagement and customers your way (plus what NOT to do that can completely ruin your reputation as an influencer).


Pre-Scheduling Your Done-For-You Content

How to make sure everything goes out at exactly the right time and there’s no more panicking at 11pm on a Friday night because you haven’t posted today!


Our "Killer Content Generator"

This is the "Secret Sauce" that lets you build familiarity and trust FASTER than ever before!  (We use this to create all our posts!)

How It Works

You’ll get an email with super easy instructions! You’ll login to the website by creating a username and password… then say hello to your bright and shiny new course material!

PS, Your access never expires! You can go back and use the content any time.

“Love It Or Leave It”

100% Money Back Guarantee

That means you get a full 30 days to go through all of the content and if you find...

Our content isn't amazing, or you didn't sign up at least one new customer...

OR you don’t think our help will grow your business...

Then we’ll give you a complete, 100% refund just for giving it a go.

It’s just a little team rule we live by called “if you can’t make money, then we don’t deserve yours!”

Ready to Rock Your Biz?

Every successful health or wellness coach and rep has taken consistent action to get where they are today.

They've grown with the times, and found new ways to serve and add value!

Avoid HOURS of Learning Curves!

By taking this course I've created for you, you'll dodge the headaches almost EVERY online business owner goes through.

All you have to do is take advantage of this opportunity, start implementing the SUPER simple concepts, and experience the difference.

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I look forward to helping you get amazing results.

Talk Soon,

P.S. With Social Selling Secrets, you’ll not only get access to my ENTIRE Social Selling Secrets Course, which contains 12 Modules that help you become a social media branding EXPERT, but a Done-for-You Freebie to give to your audience! 

All for just $1197.

This is everything you need to take your business to the next level and beyond…

PLUS, if you don’t get at least one new customer in the next 30 days, I’ll refund everything you’ve paid.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

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