Building A BRAND Then Sticking With It

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Play a Game with Me!

Picture a brand that has a recognizable personality or “feeling.”  Like, say...

  • Nike
  • Apple
  • Red Bull
  • Burt's Bees
  • Pepsi

Do you get a visual for each brand’s personality?

(They’ve done a KILLER job of being recognizable!)

You probably already know the importance of this, and you MIGHT be thinking “Ashley, I’m brand-stinkin’ new at my biz... having a brand is out of reach or not my priority at the moment.”

I completely understand how you feel- but if that’s where you’re at, it’s TOTALLY untrue!(if you’re struggling with confidence, check out my blog post that will put everything into perspective for you HERE

Quick story time…

When I started out in my business, I didn’t have a single CLUE about what a brand or branding in general even was. (I actually hired a branding coach to help me get my ‘ish figured out!)

My biggest takeaway from her?

“Whether you think you have a brand or you don’t, that is your brand.”   

Your Brand


How you are showing up


We each already have a brand whether we think about it or not. 

It’s how we’re coming across to our potential customers. It’s how people feel when they interact with you.

Example : I always picture Lululemon.

When you try something on in their store, they get your name and ask about activities you’ll be using their clothes for.  They get to know you in order to create a customized experience!

Now picture the same scenario in an Old Navy.  (They probably just unlock a vacant room for you, right?) Very different branding experiences!  (Obviously it’s tied into the prices too.)  Lululemon’s website is covered with blurbs about their fabric quality and how soft their luxe material is.  

You get a specific feeling when you scroll their site!

That’s the feeling I want you to picture when thinking about branding.  It elicits an emotion or general feeling in people when they come across you.

This is something really important to nail right from the get-go, because you don’t want to be re-branding or changing up your colors and fonts very often. 

Let’s dive into the 4 key ingredients for baking your best “brand muffin”. 

(See what I did there...) 


Color selection

Look around your house and your closet!  What colors do you already use?  These are probably what you’re already drawn to.  (When I first did this exercise 4 years ago, I saw pops of blue shades, lots of neutrals and muted greys.)  What I’m drawn to now has definitely changed, and that’s ok!  Our brand will evolve as we do.


Pinterest Palettes

Girlfriend, now that you’ve narrowed in on some base colors, let me introduce you searching color palettes on Pinterest!  They will show you what fun pops of colors work well with your faves that you might not have chosen. VARIETY is important while still being COHESIVE, because you will want different colors for different purposes.  (Think opt-in pages with clickable buttons!)



I took a “brand personality” quiz by Kaye Putnam [Take The Quiz] that not only suggested color palettes based on my result (“Lover”), but it recommended fonts too!  (You can also use the website What the Font. You can screenshot fonts you’re drawn to, and it will tell you what they’re called!)

Because my style is more “romantic,” I do tend to love cursive script.  I don’t necessarily use it for everything, but it’s woven in for a few key words here and there.  On the other hand, I love a more block-y font and a bold look for other phrases in my brand, like “Spiritual Gangster.”



Gosh, storing your fonts in Canva is SUCH a time-saver.  It’s a SUPER easy version of photoshop! It makes creating beautiful images SO easy. (I have templates with my brand fonts handy and I LOVE it!)  Think images for social media posts, lead magnets, share-able graphics… it’s your branding BFF.  When you create your own Canva profile, you can make a branding kit that saves all of your colors and fonts!  You’ll be able to whip out a gorgeous, on-brand image as fast as you can say “this is magic.” 

Want to put it all into practice but don’t know what to SAY in your posts?  

(Struggling to find more Challengers and Coaches using social media without annoying and bugging your friends?)

Everything you need to actually succeed with Beachbody lies in having an exact, PROVEN plan.  I’m PUMPED to tell you my Social Posting Strategy Membership - where this is ALL LAID OUT for you - is currently OPEN! 

(This is something that rarely happens, because I want to make sure my customers get a top-notch experience.)

Hurry - Membership is not open for long!

In Sweat & Good-Branding Faith,

About the author 

Ashley Shaw

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