Why I’m Dropping Social



The journey of self-reflection [00:00:07] Ashley reflects on her journey in her business and contemplates her place in the social media world.

The limitations of organic social media [00:04:19] Ashley discusses her belief that relying solely on organic social media is not a realistic path to business success.

The alternative path to quicker success [00:11:23] Ashley suggests creating educational content, boosting it with ads, and hiring someone to help with ad campaigns as a faster route to business success.

Realignment of Content Focus [00:12:39] Ashley discusses her decision to shift the focus of her podcast away from discussing the Instagram algorithm.

Gratitude and Farewell [00:12:39] Ashley expresses gratitude to her listeners and announces a name change for the podcast in the future.

“Rethinking Social Selling: The Path to Genuine Connection and Business Success”

  • Early Days: Starting out with content writing

  • Expansion: Exploring social media

  • Realization: Valuing authentic connections over algorithms

The Beginning of My Journey

I embarked on this entrepreneurial adventure six months after my son's birth. It wasn't about chasing algorithms or mastering the latest social media trends. It sprouted from a genuine desire to teach and assist people. A friend’s need for content ignited this passion in me, and soon, I found my place.

The Evolution: Beyond Social Media

The business environment and personal responsibilities evolved: two children, travels across Florida, Nova Scotia, and Ontario, adapting to new surroundings. Amidst these changes, I started contemplating the real essence of my business.

As life and the digital realm rapidly transformed, I realized one thing – I wasn't eager to be a teacher of hashtags or algorithms. That's not where my heart truly lies. Instead, I'm all about empowering people to kindle genuine connections with their audience and boost their self-confidence. I yearn to be the bridge between what they feel they can offer and making it a reality.

 For me, it’s all about…

  • Authentic Connections

  • Building Confidence

  • Digital Marketing Automation

  • Strategic Business Growth

The Reality Check: Organic Social Media vs Strategic Approaches

We all love organic growth, right? But let’s be real. Can organic social media growth sustain your business dreams, especially if you're aiming to exit your 9 to 5 grind? Chances are, for the majority, it won’t. The few who manage to harness it are truly the outliers. Instead of dwelling on daily postings or hopping onto every social media trend, I advocate a more strategic approach.

The Best Strategy: Quality Over Quantity
It's about creating meaningful, educational content. Put your energy into one or two stellar video contents or impactful images. Amplify them using ads. Make your message reach the right people. And, if you're not tech-savvy, hiring an expert to set up your ad campaign is a smart investment. This strategy isn't just about boosting posts – it's about maximizing impact and ensuring your content resonates with your target audience.

Steps to Effective Content Strategy:
Craft valuable content.
Amplify using ads.
Engage the right audience.
Monitor, adjust, and optimize.

The Future of Social Selling Simplified
So, here’s my two cents: prioritize authentic interactions over social media algorithms. And if you’re resonating with these thoughts, do reach out! By the way, stay tuned for a name change on my podcast, "Social Selling Simplified."
Till next time, keep it real and stay connected!

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Why I’m Dropping Social

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