Running Out Of Leads & Starting To Feel Salesy? You Need A Marketing Funnel



What is the importance of a marketing funnel? Can funnels help you get more leads and grow your business? Listen closely as Ashley and Bill answer some of the most common funnel questions & tell us the exact process they use to build their business. Think of this as Funneling Basics 101 where you’re given the tools & understanding to start utilizing funnels so that you can continue to move your business forward and take it to the next level. 

In this episode, Ashley is joined by her husband and business partner Bill Shaw as they discuss funnels and how to use them to grow your business. As you go from amateur to pro, it’s important to make sure you have your foundation and systems in place so you can get things streamlined and continue moving forward. Building a funnel takes time and it’s a bit of a learning curve but once it’s in place you can repeat the process. The key to scaling and growing your business is to figure out what’s working and do more of it! Listen to Part I now!

Key takeaways from this episode:

  • Build your funnel system’s immediately and document what your doing then record the steps so you can go back to them later
  • Funnels are 3 Segments
-TOFU (Top of funnel)
Cold lead

Everything you put out on social media

-MOFU (Middle of the funnel)
Warm Lead- Heard of you
Build trust, like-ability, & rapport   

Get them on your email list & give value

-BOFU (Bottom of funnel)
Hot lead
Somebody takes action and becomes a customer

Retain customer and seek referrals 

  • Anyone struggling to grow their business it comes down to two things
1. You're not speaking to enough of the right people

2. Your messaging is off

  • The more people in your email list the more buyers you can filter through your funnels
  • Your funnel changes the temperature of the customer from a cold to a hot lead 
  • Understand who your ideal customer is first before trying to funnel them down into your email list
  • How we teach funnels (This order)
-Social Media Posts

-FB group, Freebie or Both where you get people on your email list to turn into buyers

  • Unsubscribes when building your mailing list aren’t a bad thing. You want people there that want to be there. 

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