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Does it feel like you're consistently busy doing all the things but your business just isn't moving forward? The truth is, being busy isn’t the same as being productive. It’s so easy to get lost in doing the small things, then add in everyday distractions & before you know it the day’s over and you're not any further along than when it started. It’s time to let Aubree show you how to finally find focus in your business and stop letting the little things stand in the way of your goals & growth. Your days are about to get a whole lot more productive!  

In today’s episode, Ashley interviews Aubree Malick, founder of Freelancer to CEO Academy & podcast host of Freelancer To CEO (Formerly known as Mom With Purpose.) Ashley’s mission is to help women have a powerful and purpose-filled life by teaching them how to take action and get out of their own way. If you're ready to make your business more than just a hobby and take it to the next level, this episode is the push you need to do just that!

The key takeaways from this episode:

  • Have to get crystal clear on what you need to accomplish and get rid of any distractions holding you back. 
  • The main pillars that help you be successful and get unstuck are figuring out how you can be most productive, carve out time for your business, & find ways to get through any mindset struggles. 
  • Look at your schedule by writing down a daily inventory of what you do & finding when you can be most productive and maybe things you can cut out that are just wasting time. 
  • Prioritize doing the things that take more of your energy first then save the things that are easier to do for last. 
  • Create a separate space just for work and turn off all distractions & notifications while engaged in work. 
  • Having accountability with other people doing the things you're doing can help when going from employee to CEO mindset of working for yourself, being the one in charge & staying on track with your goals. 

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