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Have you ever found it hard to get on track then stay on track? They say starting is the hardest part but it’s maintaining the momentum that can feel extra tricky, isn’t it! Tara gives us the low down on why just having nutritional knowledge isn’t enough if we don’t know how to apply it to our own everyday life. While building confidence in your business, it’s important to build it in your personal life as well, let’s start today with your nutrition!

In today’s episode, Ashley interviews Tara Coleman, a clinical nutritionist that's spent the last 15 years helping thousands of people through her philosophy that nutrition is a science & eating is a behavioral skill. She equips her students with behavioral strategies & emotional eating tools so they not only know how to eat but also how to stick with it! Learn to eat with confidence and live a life you deserve feeling your very best! 

The key takeaways from this episode:

  • True change comes from consistency of action. Behavioral skills & habits are the secret to developing that consistency. 
  • Look past the symptom and try to figure out the true root reason behind why you're doing what you're doing. 
  • We learn from our setbacks & failures. Use them as an opportunity to make new changes and adjustments that can last and work better for you. 
  • Nutrition is a learned behavioral skill. You learn things over time and shouldn’t expect to just know all the information at once or be able to apply it all to your own life perfectly on day 1.
  • Pay attention to your habits. Are you eating or drinking out of enjoyment and pleasure or out of habit and desperation? Challenge your behaviors and why you're actually doing them.

Episode Guest Resources:

Website: www.taracoleman.com

Instagram: @nutritiontara

Facebook: Tara Coleman

Host Resources:

Website: https://ashleyshaw.ca/

Facebook: @theashleyshaw

Instagram: @theashleyshaw

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