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And learn how to use social media to build the business of your dreams.

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You don’t need to struggle to figure out what to post, how to attract and enroll clients, or grow your business to your wildest dreams all alone.

There’s a community and short-cut for learning all you need to learn.(And even for doing all you need to do).

And it’s inside this FREE bootcamp. Along with 9,000+ other fitness coaches and influencers.

As A member of Business Bootcamp

  • A kickass community of over 9,000 health & fitness coaches and influencers who really “get it,” have gone through the same struggles, and have tips + tricks to help you succeed faster (booyah!)
  • Camaraderie, accountability, and support from like-minded health and fitness enthusiasts who are ready to hear you out, cheer you on, and give you the help you need when you need it (woohoo!)
  • Insider industry secrets about what IS and IS NOT working in the health and fitness space right now -- so you can sidestep any “no no”s and skip ahead to your goals (heck yeah!)
  • Fresh, free training videos and audios to walk you through common coach struggles, like how to pivot (hello, theme of 2020), how to stand out from other coaches, how to get over the fear of rejection, plus tons more!
  • Proven done-for-you templates you can use in your social media ASAP that will get you results, boost engagement, DMs, enrollment, and more (cha-ching!)

Whether you’re just starting out or you’re looking to pivot or grow your empire, The Business Bootcamp For Fitness Coaches has everything you need to bring your social media, marketing, and business to the next level!

meet Your Host, Ashley Shaw

Top marketing strategist for fitness coaches, Founder of Fitness Leader Institute & Business Bootcamp for Fitness Coaches, and affectionately known as the Done-For-You Funnel Queen. ;)

To date, Ashley Shaw has helped thousands of fitness coaches and influencers stand out in a crowded marketplace, build brands that attract customers to them like bees to honey -- no sleazy tactics required, achieving their goals faster.

Using a combination of smart strategies with Done-For-You posting and marketing templates, she helps her clients supercharge their sales without sacrificing authenticity.

Ashley created the Business Bootcamp for Fitness Coaches to share her 16 years of marketing and fitness expertise with more coaches and influencers in a supportive community where they can support one another along their journey towards their dream business!

What Our Members Are Saying...

"It’s been a game-changer for my business.”


"[I'm using the Done For You posts and] my page is attracting people like crazy!"


"I can now focus my time on what I enjoy the most and that’s supporting my clients!”


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