Engaging Content: Where Does it Come From?



If you think your life is boring and you don’t have anything interesting to share in terms of engaging content, this episode is for you. 

When it comes to creating engaging content, there is some trial and error, however, you can approach this a bit more scientifically and with a solid method. You have to continue trying new things and testing them to see what really works and what your audience is interested in and engages with. 

You need to think about your social media feed as windows into your business and your personal life, all with the objective to build trust, likability, and rapport. 

With your content, you want to include some behind the scenes content into your personal life, who you are, and who you are in your business.  

You also want to tie in content that pertains to your industry, such as showcasing your workouts, nutrition, and recipes.  

When it comes to content that is educational and entertaining, that’s where you really need to be dialed in with your audience. 

Research your ideal customers to see what questions they’re asking, what they need help with, and what specific language they’re using. 

This will help you deliver content that drives to relevant freebies and value that will help them and guide them towards your offer. 

Keep in mind that your content and freebie should always be driving them to take the next step in the customer journey and address their objections.  

Your content should peak their curiosity and drive them to want to connect more with you. 

Key Takeaways From This Episode:

  • Using trial and error with your content
  • The different types of content
  • How to get dialed into your audience and the exact language they’re using
  • The important of nailing down your ideal customer avatar
  • The purpose of content and your freebie
  • How your content plays into the customer value journey
  • Creating content and freebies that drive people towards your offer
  • Overcoming objections with your content
  • Why you need to evaluate your content monthly


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