Fitness & Nutrition Coaches:

Coaches Are Using Reels To Blow Up Their DM's and Actually Get More Excited Customers.

*Without Dancing or Lip-Syncing. 

Putting Out Random Content Is How Beginners Start,

But There's A Huge Problem With That...

You can only put out so many random reels & posts before you burn out and have nothing to show for it. And definitely no new customers.

Not having a strategy to turn those lurkers into prospects dm-ing you means you will always struggle.  And if your plan is just to cold message them, it's awkward, it feels gross, and let's be honest...

What you're doing isn't scalable as there's not enough time to message more than 100 people per day

So What's the Secret Sauce to Getting An Inbox Full Of Potential Customers?

There are posts, stories, reels and IG Lives to put your energy into... And it can take hours to scroll social and look for ideas! 

And then add messaging 100 people a day...

It would literally be a full-time 8 hr/day job if this is how you're running your business.

But since Reels are blowing up Insta, if you're not creating great ones and showing up in stories and comments, you just won't succeed in social media anymore. 

If You Don't Do Something Strategic Now, You'll Miss out Completely. 

Every successful coach has something purposeful called a customer journey they're trying to move prospects through.

They definitely aren't just messaging people willy-nilly, and asking them to buy their products.

Just like friendships and romantic relationships, prospective customers need to take very important steps in getting to know and trust you.

The honest AF truth: If you're messaging someone directly after they watch your stories or like your reel, you're the social media equivalent to that awkward person asking a total stranger on a date. That's why it feels weird.

Yes, there's a better way.

This Is Why You Need An Authentic Relationship-Building "Funnel"

Think about how real friendships form. 

You become aware of another mom at your daughter's ballet class... 

You have some conversations about the best place to buy ballet shoes...

And then you're inviting them for coffee each week. And then to join you at an upcoming girls' weekend.  


You can't skip steps in building relationships, or it feels inauthentic.

(*And you become the "Salesy Cindy" in the room.)

This is the system every successful online business owner uses to get excited customers coming to them, already excited and ready to buy.

Here’s How The Funnel Works...

We give you an entire social posting strategy to ensure your posts, reels & stories are removing limiting beliefs, positioning you as an authority & driving people to a lead magnet.

With a lead magnet, you're providing value and establishing yourself as an authority.

You'll also be collecting an email address when they download their lead magnet.

Then they'll get on your email list where you'll start winning them over and building more trust and rapport.

You'll also ask them to join your Free Facebook group where they'll see you in action and you'll build more authority.

When you send an email, you'll be able to send it to all of your prospects at once and all of your emails will work on moving people through the funnel to becoming customers & coaches.

This is an authentic relationship system because they say "yes" every time they take the next action so you'll never be bugging or annoying people.

They put up their hand and they move forward in the process.

So Why Should You Trust Me?

My name is Ashley Shaw and I’m the founder of the Fitness Leader Institute.

Over the past 5 years, we’ve helped over 8,500 coaches just like you to finally get their marketing under control so they can grow their coaching business.

With over 18 years in the health and fitness industry, I know exactly what to say and do to get more customers and coaches for your business.

And I’ve even grown my own business to over 7 figures per year with an email list of over 47,000 people (so I can teach you exactly how I’ve done it).

Introducing My Authentic Marketing Funnel  Made For Fitness + Nutrition Coaches

With your membership, you'll get ...

  • A proven relationship building system that attracts your ideal customers, adds them to your email list and converts them into customers (that you can set up in just 30 minutes)
  • Strategic & consistent Done-For-You content including social media captions, reels, insta stories, emails and more to keep your audience engaged and coming back for more
  • The ability to successfully scale from having 1on1 conversations to reaching a large audience with the same amount of work (this is the leverage that lets every influencer make money!)

And just like everything we do, we’ve created this program so it’s super easy to duplicate with your own team and grow your business even faster.

Here's How Easy It Is When You Have All Your Content Done For You...

Plus A Brand New Addition: Daily Reels!!

Here's how you can post your reels in less than 10 minutes/day:

Here’s What Lori Has To Say About Having Content Done For Her...

And Here’s What Kristi Has To Say...

Here’s What You Get With the 
Authentic Marketing Funnel

Every month you will get...

Strategic Daily Social Posts + Reels + Insta Story Ideas

Normal Creation Time: 26 Hours
Creation Cost: $2,600

You’ll receive 30 posts for your public social media pages, 30 Reels with the captions done for you + 5 daily Insta Story ideas.

Each Reel will be up to date with current trends, is engaging and relevant to your audience, and designed to expand your reach.

This gives you strategic, consistent content that encourages your audience to raise their hand to become a customer.

High Quality Lead Magnet

Normal Creation Time: 5 Hours
Creation Cost: $500

This is a professionally designed lead magnet that you can promote using all kinds of methods we’ll teach you inside.

They attract your ideal customers (people interested in health and fitness) like a magnet so you’ll be building your email list in no time.

Weekly Email To Promote Your Business

Normal Creation Time: 10 Hours
Creation Cost: $1,000

These emails are broadcast to your entire email list so you’re constantly engaging with them and giving them useful information that positions you as their coach expert of choice.

They also get your most interested subscribers to raise their hand, join your challenge groups or reach out to you personally to become a customer or coach.

Daily Free Facebook Group Posts

Normal Creation Time: 20 Hours
Creation Cost: $2,000

You’ll receive 30 posts for your Free Facebook Group that will keep them engaged, motivated and increase retention for your business.Most importantly, it will help your potential challengers and coaches be more successful so they’ll continue to generate excitement for your business while encouraging new members to succeed.

Important Note: While Facebook Pages have low engagement, Facebook groups have very high engagement and are likely to stay this way because Facebook is now running ads inside them.

Why Is The Authentic Marketing Funnel  So Unique?

Not only do we give you a step-by-step authentic relationship building system made for fitness + nutrition coaches (it works for Beachbody, Isagenix, Herbalife, Amway, Arbonne, etc) but this is a proven system I used to grow my business to 7 figures with only 7012 social media followers…

No one else on the internet offers something like this where we actually GIVE YOU all the turn-key resources to set up your authentic relationship funnel and it's MADE for those in the fitness + nutrition industry. 

You'll have months that focus on growing your following, growing your team and product launches baked right in. 

So you can simply plug the full power of our full time content creation and marketing team into your business. 

We have a team of 4 professional copywriters & 2 graphics designers working behind the scenes.  

You'll start using this strategy knowing every ounce of effort is going into all the right places!

It’s the closest thing I can provide you that gives you a line-up of people who are excited to work with you, and give you money!

How Much Do You Invest?

As you can clearly see above, to get all this content made each month, we invest:

#1 - Daily Posts, Reels & Stories

(26 Hours & $2,600)

#2 -Weekly Email To Promote Your Business

(10 Hours & $1,000)

#3 - Daily Free Facebook Group Posts

(20 Hours & $2,000)

#4 - High Quality Lead Magnet

(5 Hours & $500)

For a total of 61 hours and $6,100 per month.

But you’re only going to invest $97 per month if you act today (that’s a 98% savings if you tried to do it all yourself!).

Simply by leveraging my team to help you run your Authentic Marketing Funnel for you.

Plus I’m Giving You Our Famous “Love It Or Leave It” 100% Money Back Guarantee

That means you get a full 30 days to go through all our content and if you find…

Our content isn’t amazing, or…

You aren't making money, or…

Any other reason under the sun (like you just couldn’t be bothered using it)...

Then we’ll give you a complete, 100% refund just for giving it a go.

It’s just a little team rule we live by called “if you can’t make money, then we don’t deserve yours!”

But Won’t Everyone’s Content Look The Same?

The reels, social posts, lead magnet and emails are all completely (and easily) editable so you can add your own authentic voice to your marketing.

Plus you’ll be adding your own unique images that identify your unique brand (it’s amazing how simple this really is).

But even if you use our content word for word and just add your own image, the chances of multiple people seeing your content (and recognizing it’s the same) are slim to none.

For this reason, we deliberately limit the size of the Authentic Marketing Funnel membership by only opening it once or twice a year to ensure this overlap doesn’t occur.

(And if we DO decide to increase our membership numbers in future, then we’ll just create even more content for you anyway.)

And Right Now You Get These 2 Powerful Bonuses

#1 Social Selling Secrets

Value: $1,200

I don’t want to just give you fish, I want to teach you how to fish so you’ll always have the confidence and expertise to grow your audience.

That’s why I’m also giving you my Social Selling Secrets monthly curriculum so you can build a solid BRAND that inspires trust, love, and die-hard loyalty from your followers and fans!

I worked with a personal branding coach that cost me $150 per hour and combined it with all my sales experience to create the perfect course for branding yourself online.

The Social Selling Secrets course sells on our website for $1,200 right now… but you get it completely free when you join the Authentic Marketing Funnel membership today.

You’re going to learn…
How to share your authentic story and background so it attracts new followers and lets them know, like, and trust you.

How to find Your Sweet Spot where your passions and your community’s needs overlap so you can be of maximum service… and get maximum sales by helping your followers solve their biggest problems.

How to communicate your values so you can stand out to attract truly like-minded followers and fans without seeming obnoxious or weird.
How to establish your brand so you can create visually consistent content that establishes a vibe your audience will fall in love with!
How to identify and attract your ideal customer so you’re only talking to serious people who desperately want what you have to offer.

How to find and analyze the metrics that matter so you can focus on the 20% of activities that create 80% of your results and accelerate your growth.

The Killer Content Generator we use to create all our posts, which contains the secret sauce that allows you to build familiarity and trust faster than ever before.

How to get full control of your business by building your email list to increase engagement and reach, without all the tech headaches people normally face (we make it super easy for you!).

How to build your Facebook Group so you get amazing interactions (and customer insights) all while deepening the bond with your followers.
How to get confident on camera so you can do videos and Facebook Live even if it seems super scary to you right now. This is a simple way to supercharge your relationship with you fans without having to be a perfectionist to achieve massive results.
How to slow the scroll and use Instagram Stories to bring more growth, engagement and customers your way (plus what NOT to do that can completely ruin your reputation as an influencer).
How to pre-schedule all of your Done-For-You content so everything goes out at exactly the right time and there’s no more panicking at 11pm on a Friday night because you haven’t posted today!
The Social Selling Secrets course will make you a branding expert and put you head and shoulders above 99% of coaches out there right now.

#2 Social Insider

Value: $47 to $197 per month

AND I’m releasing Social Insider-exclusive, members only content every month as well!

It includes Members Only training courses, like…

  • The 4-Step Inviting Formula That Won’t Make You Feel Sleazy Or Salesy
  • How To Slow The Scroll with Trish Taylor
  • The Ideal Customer Workshop
  • And so much more...

If we make them available, these trainings can sell on my website for $47 to $197 each…

But you get them all completely free, because I want to look after my members who are committed to success.

Plus You’ll Also Receive These Bonuses When You Join Today...

Authentic Marketing Funnel 101 Workshop
Value: $97

This is where you'll follow along to create your entire Authentic Marketing Funnel as described above in just 30 minutes, using completely free software.

Yep, you can set it up in no time! We’ll show you step-by-step instructions so you never have any tech headaches, and our customer support is standing by if you need extra help!

Facebook & Instagram Ads Workshop with Bill Shaw
Value $97

My husband Bill is the person responsible for running all our paid advertising that grew our email list to 47,000+ people and our business revenue past 7 figures.

This unique workshop pulls back the curtain so you can learn from all our mistakes over the years and just take the fastest path to success by doing exactly what he tells you to do.

Now you don’t have to use advertising to promote your business (we’ll give you tons of free strategies), but investing just $100 a month in ads can let you grow a lot faster with less effort.

How To Take Amazing Photos & Videos Workshop with Shana Yurko
Value $97

Part of building your brand is having your own visual style for your images (funnily enough, it doesn’t really matter WHAT you’re taking images of).

This workshop will teach you how to establish your brand so you can create visually consistent content that establishes a vibe that your audience will fall in love with!

But You Must Act Now

As I mentioned above, to control the number of people using this content, I only open the Authentic Marketing Funnel membership once or twice during the year (and this is the last time until Summer 2022).

That means you have to decide right now, are you in? Or are you out?

And the truth is, I can only help those people who are willing to take this content and actually use it... because I can’t make it any easier than this.

So I’m only looking for coaches who are actually committed to growing their business.

So Join Today If You’re Ready To Reach The Next Level (And Beyond)!

Every successful coach used a proven strategy and took consistent action to get where they are today.

By taking the Authentic Marketing Funnel I’ve already created for you, I’ve taken away much of the heavy lifting required to grow your business

All you have to do is join today and experience the difference.

Just click the button below, enter your details and take it for a full 30 day test drive with no risk...


*Cancel anytime* 




  • 30 DONE-FOR-YOU REELS so you'll never have to waste time scrolling social for ideas/audio that fit your industry and we've done the captions & on-screen text for you! ($300/mo value)
  • 150 Instagram Stories Ideas to make showing up and building trust with your audience the easiest part of your day! ($300/mo value)
  • A Strategic Graphics Plan including done-for-you carousels, graphics, and photo ideas ($300/mo value) 
  • DAILY Facebook & Instagram DONE-FOR-YOU POSTS for your public social media pages ($2,000/mo value)
  • High Quality Lead Magnet that is a professionally designed so that you can promote using all kinds of methods we’ll teach you inside.
    ($500/mo value)
  • WEEKLY EMAIL TO PROMOTE YOUR BUSINESS so you’re constantly engaging with them and giving them useful information that positions you as their health and fitness expert of choice. ($1,000/mo value)
  • OUR FACEBOOK SUPPORT GROUP: AUTHENTIC AF WITH ASHLEY SHAW Where All Of Your Questions Will Get Answered By A Community Of Coaches Driving Toward The Same Goals As Well As The Accountability You've Been Searching For! ($97/Mo Value)
  • SOCIAL INSIDER TRAINING To Keep You Up-To-Date With Marketing Hacks & Training ($47 to $197 /Mo Value)
  • MONTHLY SOCIAL SELLING SECRETS to help you build a solid BRAND that inspires trust, love, and die-hard loyalty from your followers and fans!
    ($97/month value)
  • 3 Bonus workshops ($291 Value) 

I look forward to hearing your success story!

P.S. Inside Authentic Marketing Funnel you’ll get access to...

  • Daily Done For You Posts, Instagram Reels & 5 Daily Instagram Stories (valued at $2,600)
  • Weekly Email To Promote Your Business(valued at $1,000)
  • Daily Done For You Free Group Posts (valued at $2,000)
  • High Quality Lead Magnet (valued at $500)

And get these powerful bonuses...

  • Authentic Marketing Funnel 101 Workshop (valued at $97)
  • 12 months of my Social Selling Secrets training valued at $1,200
  • Free access to Social Insider special trainings that outsiders pay $47 to $197

This is everything you need to take your coaching business to the next level and beyond…

With a total value of $6,100 per month (and $1,297+ in additional bonuses), you’re getting it for a steal at just $97 per month.

Plus you can put everything to the test over the next 30 days and if you don’t love it (or cover the price of your investment), I’ll refund everything you’ve paid.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Here’s What Some Our Members Have To Say

“Friends, I’m so exhausted lol. I’m already at 700 emails with my freebie - got 200 in the past week alone!!!! 

And I added questions to my Facebook group so I’m getting great audience language nuggets for speaking to them, and for ads - it’s starting to all feel like a natural flow!"

Shana Yurko

“I cannot Thank You and your team enough Ashley Shaw!!

I've been staying consistent with these postings and freebies and my team is growing (something it hasn't done in a very long time)!

Katie Fischer

“I love the reels content it is so helpful for ideas! Also so many more view than Tiktok."

Angela Mack

“Ashley, I just want to thank you for what you do. I’ve increased my sales, people are telling me the content is so good and now I’m working on engagement and massive recruitment for coaches.

But I wouldn’t be able to do this if I didn’t have the peace of mind of - My content is taken care of and I was being provided the next level of training which is what you’re doing with the monthly training.

I’m looking forward to what month 6 will be like but until then I celebrate you and the success you’ve helped me achieve so far.”

Monica Vallejo

“Hey! I am entering my 3rd year of coaching and am reevaluating how I run my business. For me your templates have been a game changer as it helps me to post regularly!

Melanie Hagn

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does The Content Get Sent To Me?

We'll send you an email with further instructions and our customer support is standing by if you have any issues. In short, you simply create a login on our website and you’ll get instant access to the Authentic Marketing Funnel members area where you can download your content and access the training material.

How Do I Make Sure I Actually Use The Content?

We have an accountability group for that! You'll get access to our Authentic AF With Ashley Shaw Facebook group where you'll get extra training & motivation and support along the way.

We help keep people accountable by celebrating wins and removing any roadblocks. When you pay in full as an "ALL IN" member, you also get a one-on-one Ideal Customer Clarity call to ensure you're on track and speaking to the right person!

How Is The Content Personalized?

We provide Done-For-You Posts as well as DIY Prompts so you can choose how much writing you want to do.

All of the content provided is in a template format, meaning you can use the content as you receive it or you can put your own spin on it. We recommend tweaking the content for your ideal customers so it engages and attracts them for the best results.

What Images Do I Use?

We create a monthly Photo & Graphic plan that includes done-for-you graphics and carousels as well as ideas for your photos when needed. You'll be using your own photos for your brand because that’s how you stand out from others.

But don’t worry, the images you’ll use can almost be anything as it’s all about getting attention so people stop and read your posts.

That means posting pictures of real life work very well and we include image examples for you to follow. I mean, seriously, most of my pictures are just me standing around, holding a phone (or now holding my baby)... it’s not that difficult :)

How Long Do I Have Access To The Content? 

You'll have access to your portal as long as your membership stays active and you can also download your own material so you can access it at any time from anywhere.

Will I Need Additional Software Programs To Make This Work?

You’ll need just one software program to offer your Lead Magnet and store your email list but it’s completely free for the first 1,000 subscribers (and then just $29/month once you’re already making money). We teach you exactly how to use it all in the Authentic Marketing Funnel 101 training and we promise you it’s super simple.

We also suggest another free tool to put your name on the Lead Magnet or other little design changes you want to make, but that’s completely up to you.

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