The Most Common Sales Funnel Mistakes & How To Fix Them



Which part of the sales funnel do you struggle with the most? Do you even have a funnel in place right now? If you're not bringing in people consistently this is most definitely the episode for you! Joey gives all the real-life scenarios & tips you need to start running your funnel efficiently & successfully. Whether you have a funnel already in place or just starting, this is going to give you the direction you need to bring in sales with ease! Hard to believe? Check it out & see for yourself! 

In today’s episode, Ashley interviews Joey Gilkey. Joey got his first lessons in business growth from his father & has since launched Sales Driven Agency where his mission is to help founders build sales-driven industries that are both sustainable & scalable. He goes in-depth with real-life examples from his own business to show us that while leads are important if we don’t look at all the other things that tie into it, it can become our downfall. This is a funnel system that works, learn how! 

The key takeaways from this episode:

  • Small changes lead to big results in the long run. Don’t have to strive for huge goals right out the gate. Start with achievable goals that can happen faster. 
  • When first looking at a funnel

 1) Look at the existing problems in the current funnel. Instead of looking at the percentage of people converting look at the percentage not converting.

Figure out what isn’t working and make adjustments until it does work. 

 2) Who do you serve specifically and where are these people

Who do I serve? Where do I take them? How do I get them there? 

  • Niche down so you can become the expert and go-to person in that particular field. Allows you to zone in on one particular person and be where they are to begin funneling them in.
  • Build micro yeses into your process. Every step of the way has them saying yes so when they get to the end of the funnel they're more likely to follow through. They're so used to saying yes to everything so far & they understand the value, it’s an easy yes. 

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