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What gets your attention first when scrolling through social media? For most of us, it’s the images that first “stop the scroll” and draw us in. Amy is here to show us just how much of a role visuals play when it comes to attracting your ideal customer to your content. If you want to connect with your audience they have to slow down long enough to see what you're putting out there for them, right? You only have a second to get your ideal customers attention, make sure you're putting out the content that matters to them! 

In this episode, Ashley interviews Amy Balliett, CEO & founder of Killer Visual Strategies which is a visual communication agency that helps their clients connect to their audience through personalized image creation strategies. Visual content is leading the way and it goes so much deeper than just picking the best photo to post on your feed. Learn the art of creating visual content that attracts the attention of your people! 

The key takeaways from this episode:

  • 91% of audiences prefer visual content as their primary form of connection and communication with a brand or service. 
  • Video, custom illustration & personalized photos are the best to use. 
  • Authenticity is really important. People want to know who they're buying from. 
  • When you're thinking about your visual strategy it’s really about how to bring the best user experience to your audience and how your visual choices show them they can trust you. 
  • Question to ask yourself: How can you help and empower your ideal client through visuals and show them you’re not just there to make money? 
  • Focus on visuals that tell your audience who you are. 

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