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Calling all health and fitness coaches who are committed to changing lives

and growing their business to the next level to make their dreams come true...

Let’s team up and spread the love of using proven, authentic marketing strategies

that are simple to implement, save you a heckuva lotta time,

and help you massively grow your impact.

The Authentic Marketing

Roadmap to Affiliate Profit

Since you’re new to, let me tell you a little bit about what we do here..

First of all, hi, I’m Ashley Shaw, and I’m the founder and Visionary of The Fitness Leader Institute, the creator of The 

Done-For-You Authentic Marketing Plans and a high-performing marketing and sales strategist to health and fitness coaches.

The Done-For-You Authentic Marketing Plans are a one-of-a-kind posting plan designed to

help you attract your ideal customers through authentic marketing strategies and

done-for-you social media posts and marketing materials that free you from the sleazy

“hey gurl” sales tactics. Then, we help you attract coaches that want to work the business.

If you’re here to grow your health and fitness business to the next level, then you’re in the right place.

Our Done-For-You Authentic Marketing Plans Retail for $97-147.

Our affiliate partners get 50%

of every successful sale.

But that's not the best part...

When you partner with Ashley Shaw, you get to reap the benefits  of 16+ years

of testing, tweaking, and refining a strategic, authentic marketing

process that’s gotten over 6000 members’ results.

our refund rate is as low as


the average commission is


# of products to choose from


Be part of the health and fitness coaching revolution.

Health and fitness companies are seeing RECORD-BREAKING numbers of users

right now and it’s only going to increase as people focus on their health goals.

Get in on this TREMENDOUS opportunity now and help even more people by

serving up this authentic marketing goodness to other coaches like you.

Alone we can do so little.

Together we can do so much.

We LOVE our affiliate partners and aim to be your affiliate best friend that’s always

there to give you what you need (even if it’s a little kick in that toned booty of yours),

support you no matter what, and share the success with you!

Now, let’s make sure we get you kicked off on the right foot.


If you haven’t yet joined our Business Bootcamp

for Health & Fitness Coaches, this is your best first step!

It’s a FREE online community, full of...

  • Like-minded coaches, influencers, and health enthusiasts (yay, friends who “get it!”)
  • Hours of free marketing strategy training videos (to get you set up SMART)
  • Done-For-You posting templates for your social media (for easy social selling ASAP)
  • Plus More!

Want in?

STEP #2: Browse the Done-For-You Templates

Once you’re in there, I highly recommend browsing

our collection of Done-For-You Posting Templates.

Here we believe that your most effective business growth

strategy is a lot like your favorite smoothie recipe.

You use a consistent baseline (protein, vitamins, and nutrients)

and add your own special twist.

(Mine is peanut butter btw, what’s yours?)

  • A little Done-For-You Content to make the consistency easy... blended with...
  • A lot of YOU -- authentic, imperfect, quirky YOU.
  • To create success like you’ve never seen before.

It works and it all starts with our Done-For-You posting templates.

Ready to check out the

free and affordable options?

STEP #3: Get on the Membership Waitlist

If you’re NOT on the waitlist for our THE DONE-FOR-YOU

AUTHENTIC MARKETING MEMBERSHIP, what are you waiting for?

Doors only open a couple of times per year,

so you don’t want to miss out...

We give away tons of cool bonuses, prizes, and host incredible

additional trainings and events for waitlist members ONLY.

So I’d recommend joining now so you don’t get

a bad case of FOMO later...

Ashley Shaw Affiliate Q&As:

What are you looking for in your affiliate partners for The Authentic Marketing Membership?

We’re looking for affiliates to partner with who lead with honesty, integrity, and positive vibes. Here at Team Ashley Shaw, we are committed to high quality resources, stellar communication, community, gratitude, and alignment. 

Becoming an Ashley Shaw affiliate partner is a great opportunity to serve your audience, your team, and your entire downline. This is an opportunity to add another revenue stream to your business while helping others. We would love to invite you to apply if you’re 100% dedicated to launching your promotion with heart and creativity and helping serve your audience with the marketing materials they need. 

Our team reviews every application to make sure our authentic group of affiliates believes wholeheartedly in the life and business changing power of the Done For You Authentic Marketing Membership and DFY resources.

Note: you are not required to have previous affiliate marketing experience. We are looking for people who are committed to promoting the program with energy and good intentions in order to serve others.

Do I need to have a large email list and/or social media following?

Heck to the no! We believe the potential for impact and income lies in the relationships with your subscribers and followers. We welcome you to apply wherever you’re at in your journey, as long as you are committed to serving others with the Authentic Marketing Membership. 

How do I apply?

Click here to answer a few detailed questions and we’ll get back to you if it's a good fit for the next affiliate launch! 

How much time do I need to dedicate to the affiliate program if I’m selected as an affiliate partner?

I’ll be totally depends on your impact and income goals with this affiliate program! You can spend hours creating your own content to promote the Authentic Marketing Membership. We’ll also provide you with assets to help you start promoting the Done For You resources and Authentic Marketing Membership. Each month, you’ll get new assets to help promote the new Done For You Posting Plan. You’ll also receive timely assets to promote each launch of the Authentic Marketing Membership. Regardless of how much time you spend creating your own assets, you’ll still be saving time by using the Done For You materials than if you were to create them for your customers yourself! 

What if I am not currently an Authentic Marketing Membership Member?

Whether you’re an Authentic Marketing Membership member or not, what’s most important to us is that you believe in it, stand behind it 100%, and that it’s a great fit for your audience. Ideally, you’ve used at least one of Ashley’s Done For You resources and understand the quality and standards we adhere to (and constantly strive to elevate!)

What if I don’t have an audience of health and fitness coaches?

The Authentic Marketing Membership wasn’t created with solely health and fitness coaches in mind. It was built for anyone who wants to take their knowledge and expertise and use it to build a business that serves others in every realm of health, fitness, nutrition, and wellness.

Individuals from all walks of life and with all talents in this health and wellness space can put the Authentic Marketing Membership into practice. Whether you serve gym owners, personal trainers, nutritionists, dietitians, holistic health coaches, or something in between, the potential for people in a vast variety of niches to use the Authentic Marketing Membership is unlimited.

social selling simplified


It's like a business workout... for your ears!