How to Overcome Objections without Being Salesy



If you are in sales, you are going to face objections. 

It is just part of the territory. As you learn these skills that I'm going to teach you today, you're going to get more and more confident with how to help people when they have objections. 

I have five steps [that could be applied in any industry] that I always follow when it comes to overcoming objections. The more that you know how to open, the less you'll need to close.

So if you struggle with overcoming objections being thrown at you left and right, you're going to want to give this episode a listen. I go over five core steps that you absolutely need to take whenever you are overcoming any type of objection. 

If you're ready to gain yes's in your business instead of roadblocking objections that you can't navigate, you've come to the right place.

Key Takeaways From This Episode:

  • Determine your mantra - if you really want to change someone's life, you better believe that you can and that is what your purpose is and that's what you're going into.
  • Build commonalities
  • Learn and overcome/help them reach their goals, in their language
  • Provide solutions
  • Always deliver a call to action with options

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