Top 9 Tips I Wish I Knew When I Was First Getting Started



Ever wished you had the rule book before you started? Or what lessons you needed to know to make 6 figures? Or how to skip some of the hard-learned lessons in building the business of your dreams? Then you'll love this episode! In this episode, I dive into what I wish I would have known before I got started, what I learned studying online marketing for 12 years and which tips revolutionized this business and allowed us to build a multiple 6 figure business after opening our virtual doors 2 years ago.

The nine tips summarized:

  1. We are the only ones who know what’s best for us

  • Go with your gut, not what other people may think is best for you.

  1. Find out who you are

  • There are a lot of ways you can go but you need to go back to who you were as a child and think of who you are inside.

  • Be clear on your values.

  1. When it stings, there’s a lesson

  • Learn from the negative experiences.

  • If there’s something you really value, create something that can provide that for you.

  1. Interview 10 people who do what you want to do

  • They can provide you lessons that will save you from facing so many trials and tribulations.

  • It will help you go into your business with a plan.

  1. Know your ideal customer

  • The product will come later.

  • The more that you get to know your ideal customers, the more that you're hanging out with them in their community and their spaces and asking them questions, what they really need will become super obvious. 

  1. Mindset is everything

  • Record the negative thoughts when you have them because the sooner that you can figure out what those things are that you're telling yourself, the sooner that you can decide whether you're going to believe them or not.

  1. Find a community

  • Find people who are doing big things in the same space as you.

  1. Hire a coach

  • You can do it alone or pay for a short cut.

  1. Manage your foot on the gas and don’t pump the brakes

  • Learn to have your foot on the gas of your zone of genius without letting limiting beliefs and negative thoughts keep the other foot on the brake.

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