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How comfortable are you using video? If your not, then you're not alone. Being in front of the camera can take a lot of practice before you start to feel comfortable. Here’s the thing though, the more people see you, the faster they know, like, and trust you. Video could be exactly what your potential customer needs to get them to the sale quicker. Listen in as Krista teaches you how to confidently become the go-to authority in your industry and why people are more likely to buy from you when you use video consistently. 

In this episode, Ashley interviews Krista Mashore, a motivational speaker, bestselling author, and Digital Marketing Coach. After building up her coaching company from 0 to a 7.4 million dollar company in 25 months she now coaches & trains people on cutting edge digital marketing strategies & how to strategically use video to position yourself as an authority. Practice makes perfect, get ready to add this important tool to your business strategy. 

The key takeaways from this episode:

  • Video is a great way to get seen and heard. The more people see you the faster they feel like they know, like & trust you. Positions you as an authority while building that relationship. 
  • The 8 C’s -Commit to Consistently producing Content Correctly (at the right time) making a Connection with people that will Convert more Clients and Customers. 
  • Perfectly imperfect action is better than none at all. If you have a cellphone, you can start creating videos. Just start somewhere. 
  • Serve before you sell. Warm-up your audience first. Give value and let them get to know you before asking them to do anything. 
  • Videos done with Ad spend behind them are better for furthering your reach and finding more leads.
  • Beginner Video Creation Outlined Steps

-Who’s your audience?

-What phase of the buying cycle are they in? 

Once you know these 2 things you can then take these steps to create videos for them. 

  1. Immediately capture attention 
  2. Align with ideal customers' feelings.
  3. Position yourself as authority.
  4. Give them value.
  5. Call to action

-2-3 videos a week

-Then put Ad spend behind it to get in front of more people and grow your audience. 

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