Reflection & The Hard Questions We Should All Be Asking Ourselves With Lea Pickard



What lights you up in life? How have the dark moments defined you today? These are the kinds of questions we need to be asking ourselves! Those deep, hard to answer questions that make us sit and think and reflect. Get ready to dig deep inside your core and answer these questions for yourself so that you can start living with true intention and find your authentic happiness! 

In this episode, Ashley interviews Lea Pickard, Founder & Owner of Happy + Free, where she empowers women to reclaim happiness and rediscover their authentic selves. The only way to move forward intentionally towards your dreams is to face your deepest self through reflection, which includes figuring out the answers to those sometimes uncomfortable questions.

The key takeaways from this episode:

  • When we go through our lowest points in life, those are the moments transformation occurs. That is when we are made. 
  • It’s all about the meaning we give something. Disrupt negative language long enough to listen to what we tell ourselves and rephrase it the way we truly embody it and believe it. This reframes everything.
  • Own your story, share it over and over again and listen to other people’s stories. Gives you purpose and creates momentum to push forward. 
  • Nothing can shift or change until you take ownership of yourself and your experiences. 
  • Practice gratitude to move through anything you're going through. 
  • Our goal in life is to get closer and closer to who we truly were always supposed to be. 
  • Going through any kind of darkness makes you appreciate the transformation. 
  • You can live the life you dream of and still have moments of darkness.

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