Part III: Attracting Your Ideal Customer With Authenticity



Have you ever been confused about how all the pieces of authentic social media attraction fit together? What even goes into creating massive success with finding your people?! Today we're going to cover the complete 5 step blueprint to attracting your ideal customer and finally get them to take notice of you. It’s time you learn how to get people to come to you & finally break free of the frustration. With this blueprint, you can not only find your people authentically but also start getting paid every single month!

Finding people authentically isn’t as easy as some people make it seem is it. The goal of this four-part mini-workshop is simple, easily find your people without the sales slime (Hello “Hey Girl” method we’re all a little too familiar with) and learn to think about your coaching business in a whole different way! In this series, I share my proven method developed after years of trial & error so you too can experience your authentic self, attract the right people and get back that amazing feeling of alignment in your business. Get ready to see your business grow and take off & don’t forget to take lots of notes, you don’t want to miss a single thing! 

The key takeaways from this episode:

5 Steps for Social Media- My Super Strategy Blueprint

  • Step Number 1- Tell Your Story Consistently

Relatability builds trust

  • Step Number 2- Showcase Your Sweet Spot

Tell people why they should work with you over everyone else to differentiate yourself from everyone else

  • Step Number 3- Be Your Brand

Be intentional about knowing your brand and how you make people feel

People need to know what you're all about

  • Step Number 4-Know Your Ideal Bestie

Know your ideal customer so well that you know how to get their attention when they're scrolling through a million other posts. Stand out. 

  • Step Number 5- Learn the 80/20 Rule in Your Business

Do an inventory of your business to figure out what’s getting the results and what’s not working

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