Part II: Attracting Your Ideal Customer With Authenticity



Do you feel awkward when you're trying to sell to a potential customer? Uncomfortable even?! It’s time to change the way you think about selling by changing your mindset! In Part II of this workshop learn exactly how to move forward when it comes to shifting your mindset & how by getting past your mental blocks you can begin to finally attract your customers to you. Your mindset is preventing you from selling in your business, it’s time you overcome the main thing blocking you from reaching the growth we both know you’re capable of! 

Finding people authentically isn’t as easy as some people make it seem is it. The goal of this four-part mini-workshop is simple, easily find your people without the sales slime (Hello “Hey Girl” method we’re all a little too familiar with) and learn to think about your coaching business in a whole different way! In this series, I share my proven method developed after years of trial & error so you too can experience your authentic self, attract the right people and get back that amazing feeling of alignment in your business. Get ready to see your business grow and take off & don’t forget to take lots of notes, you don’t want to miss a single thing! 

The key takeaways from this episode:

  • You don’t have to be salesy to sell.
  • Our mindset around what we do determines how we do something
  • Notice the thoughts that are getting in your way.
  • Confidence isn’t something that happens overnight but with constant practice and self-reflection, you're sure to get there. 
  • 3 things you need to learn to change your mindset around selling

Rewire your brain

Our state of mind is made up of 3 elements 


•Thoughts it creates

•How are you deciding to feel about it? 

Importance of meditation

•Can help rewire your brain 

•Visualize what you desire into existence

•Abundance Mindset instead of Scarcity Mindset makes your approach completely different because your no longer trying to force the sale

3 resources that transformed my way of thinking about business

 1.)  Book- Dollars Flow To Me Easily

 2.)  Understand Your Brain

Shannon Irvine Podcast Epic Success

Kris Plachy Podcast Lead Your Team

 3.)  Why I do what I do folder

Create a folder of the good stuff that’s happened in your business & the stuff that you love

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Find Your People, Fill Your Programs Challenge

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