Part I: Attracting Your Ideal Customer With Authenticity



Do you find it hard to sell without selling? Or maybe you're trying to sell using social media but not getting engagement? You’re not alone, it took me years before I finally felt confident about how I was selling which is why I created this workshop to help you start building consistency, authenticity & get back that feeling of achievement in your business while selling. In this first episode, we talk about how to treat each customer before they become customers! Building the right foundation matters, if you want to grow your business authentically & get consistent sales it all starts here! 

Finding people authentically isn’t as easy as some people make it seem is it. The goal of this four-part mini-workshop is simple, easily find your people without the sales slime (Hello “Hey Girl” method we’re all a little too familiar with) and learn to think about your coaching business in a whole different way! In this series, I share my proven method developed after years of trial & error so you too can experience your authentic self, attract the right people and get back that amazing feeling of alignment in your business. Get ready to see your business grow and take off & don’t forget to take lots of notes, you don’t want to miss a single thing! 

The key takeaways from this episode:

  • Building a business authentic to you is key to finding people you can help. 
  • The Emotional Bank Account

-Quickly know what it takes to talk to people on social media so they can open up to you, and you can find people you can help. 

-Account of trust instead of money

-How safe you feel with another person

-Think of every person you are trying to reach on social media as you have an account with them.

-Can’t withdraw from an account you haven’t put anything into

-Foundation for your relationship with those that will become future customers

  • 5 ways to fill up that emotional bank account

  1. Understand the individual

-Listening and empathizing 

Every piece of content you put out shows you understand the ideal customer and have been listening. Use their words & language. 

  2. Keeping commitments

-Follow through and do what you say you're going to do. Show consistency between your words & actions. 

How are you showing up?

  3. Clarify expectations

Define what you expect. If you expect engagement you have to be giving it. The things you're asking people to do, you have to be showing up and doing the same for them. 

  4. Attend to the little things

Go the extra mile. Small acts of kindness and just reaching out when you don’t have to. Show you care.

  5. Show personal integrity

How would you want to be treated? 

Don’t do things you know you wouldn’t respond to well. 

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