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Do you keep getting told “No” because the cost seems too high? How do you handle price objections? What if I told you that objections to price is all about your approach and how other people’s perception plays into their final objections. Today I’m going to go into detail about the five things you need to know to overcome these price objections and get the sale. 

In today’s episode, Ashley talks about a question that coaches ask all the time, and that’s how to overcome price objections and get people past the price. If this is something you have struggled with it may be time to adjust your methods. There’s no such thing as a guaranteed sale but you can limit the amount of no’s by changing the way you engage with your potential customer from the start. Get your potential customers past the price and stop letting price objections get in the way of your growth. 

The key takeaways from this episode:

  • 3 Levels of Products Selling

-Low Cost, Middle Ground, High Cost

-Perception matters

-We have to be able to explain to people what the differences are between those levels

  • When you get price objections it’s important to not look at it like you have to beat the argument.
  • It’s about persuasion. Explaining the price of the product and value in a way that the customer can see its true worth. 
  • Things you need to know when it comes to overcoming price objections
1) Choose your mindset

There are two ways you can look at sales.

2) Build rapport first

Figure out what you have in common and establishing and starting the convo off that way.

3) Figure out “What are their goals?”

Ask questions

4) Provide solutions

Relate the solutions to their goals and things they are trying to overcome

5) Give an option close

This or this option

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