Getting Comfortable With Failure & How It Helps You Develop Yourself With Sebastian Schug



What is it about failure that scares you the most? What if I told you that getting comfortable with failure can help you develop yourself and your business when first getting started. Sebastian gives us real-life examples of failures he has had, how he overcame them, and how we can overcome ours. Stop letting the fear of failure stop you from accomplishing your goals, as Sebastian shows us there is always a way through it.

In today’s episode, Ashley interviews Sebastian Schug, an independent American author, illustrator, publisher, and novelist. He shares with us what it looks like to put yourself out there again and again, even if it doesn’t always turn out successfully. Failure is scary but it’s a part of life and building the business of your dreams. Get ready to get comfortable with failure and the growth that comes with it. 

The key takeaways from this episode:

  • Opportunities can lead you in directions you never thought possible.
  • Suspend your expectations. Your motivation won’t be tied to the end result but to fulfilling your purpose and making a true impact. 
  • You have to be attached to the purpose behind what your doing. Connect with your purpose because then you will do it despite the results. 
  • Pay attention to what people are responding to and what they are not. Pivot continuously to make sure you’re aligning with your ideal customers. 
  • The alignment has to come from within first. 
  • Be open to testing different things over and over again to see what works.
  • The more you understand your ideal customer the more you can connect with them.  
  • Let your failures be failures and be willing to learn and grow along the way. 
  • Hands on experience is what will help you learn and grow the connection.

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