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Are you looking to grow your Facebook group? Are you trying to set up a highly converting funnel? This is the perfect conversation for you to listen in on if you're trying to do either of these things! Learn how you can use Pinterest to get more customers & sales by creating an automated marketing strategy that grows your business and doubles your conversion rate!

In this episode, Ashley interviews Sherisse Marie, Pinterest Specialist that helps entrepreneurs supercharge their marketing strategies. It’s not all just pretty photos, this search engine has a high conversion rate for sales and attracts a lot of traffic. Automate your marketing strategy and grow your business at the same time, it’s a win-win. 

The key takeaways from this episode:

  • The best place to start with Pinterest is Facebook groups and free offers. 
  • Pinterest is not a quick start. Generally, around 2-4 months before you start to see that big traffic bump. 
  • Users are 4x more likely to buy and the cost per conversion is 2X that of a regular lead. 
  • Strategy to scale reach on Pinterest

   -Know what your keywords are so you know what your target is for each of the things you're trying to sell.

   -20 pinned templates you use for each of your things so you can just plug and play. (use Tailwind)

  • Your Pinterest doesn’t have to be on-brand with your colors. Make it pop and stand out so it gets consumer attention. 
  • Pinterest’s goal is not only to stay on their platform but also conversions because they are essentially a search engine, not a social media platform. 
  • Pins live forever so that link needs to stay alive as long as possible or have a redirect.

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