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What does your menstrual cycle have to do with productivity in your business? A whole lot actually! Do you have days where you feel on top of your game & full of energy? Then days you can barely get yourself to do the bare minimum. This isn’t random. Cassandra teaches us how to embrace & understand the phases of our cycle and use that knowledge to be productive at our most optimal times. Stop working against yourself, learn to listen to your body's cues & run your business around you. 

In this episode, Ashley interviews Cassandra Wilder, a Naturopathic doctor, coach & leading expert in women’s cyclical health & menstruation. Her empowered approach to healing menstrual cycles & ending the burnout has led to thousands of women that learned to work with their bodies instead of against them. Cassandra shows us how it’s not just about the phases of growth and productivity, sometimes the most productive thing you can do is rest. It all has its balance & place in your life and business. 

The key takeaways from this episode:

  • Business standards are based on male productivity patterns. 
  • Women move through 4 distinct phases throughout the month. When we understand what phase we are in we can begin to work with our body instead of against it.

Follicular Time Spring- after period-Initiate & Begin

-Set goals & intentions. 

-Get clarity over what we want to create in our business. 

-Build momentum to get ready for launches, interviews, ect. 

Ovulation Time Summer-Expand & Be Bold

-Create and do

-Hustle lifestyle is the easiest right now. Feeling your best. 

Luteal Phase Fall-Complete & Finish

-Complete all goals and things we were working on in the last month.

Menstrual Time Winter-Reflect & Rest

-Take care of yourself and rest. Refill your cup. 

-Reflect and see where things could be changed or adjusted in business for the following month.

  • Listen to your body. We know when something feels off or we’re pushing too hard against ourselves. If we don’t it can manifest itself physically. If that happens, take an extra step back to figure out if something you’re doing is causing the symptom. Make sure that you're working in the right phase. 
  • Batch content and be as productive for all month's tasks at the beginning of the month for those days later on when you aren’t as productive or feeling it. 
  • Track your cycle. Phone apps are a great tool. (iPhone users-Life, Android users-Flow) 

Some of us find that we are more productive at other times in our cycle than the ovulation phase. It’s all specific to us. Be aware of where you're at so that you can better understand how to run your business around you. 

  • Give yourself permission to rest. Sometimes the most productive thing you can do is take care of yourself. 

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