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Are you a health or fitness coach struggling to find people to work in your business? Building a team of people that are ready right now may feel like the solution, but what if I told you there’s another way to go about finding your tribe. You're struggling because you're targeting the wrong people, let’s shift your focus a bit! Listen carefully as I tell you the 4 steps you need to take somebody from not even knowing what a coach is to them being ready to jump on board & start working their business. The struggle ends here! 

In this episode, you’re going to walk away with 4 really solid steps you can do to get more people working in your business and alongside you as they build up their own. Every customer and working coach is on a journey, you just have to focus on funneling them in at the right stage of that journey. All that it takes is a little shift in who you're focusing on. When done right, bringing people in won’t feel like such a struggle anymore. It’s not an overnight success story but this is what works long-term! 

The key takeaways from this episode:

1) Think back to who you were as an ideal customer. What were you looking for?

Every person out there is just trying to solve the problems that come up in their head over & over & over again. 

-Get into your customers' shoes and talk to them directly focusing on their pain points and limiting beliefs that may be holding them back. 

-Find similarities in those that are already coaches, yourself included.

-Get super clear so you can focus on the right people

-Create content that is memorable and makes people think. Not just for engagement & likes.

2) Connect wit them first on social but don’t stay there

-Connect by showing your values and commonalities. Make it about more than just business. Be a real person that’s relatable. 

-We don’t own social sites and they are constantly changing. So while it’s a great place to begin the connection you want to take it further than that after the relationship starts to grow. 

3) Move them to a Facebook Group Community

-Better ability for people to see what you're posting because of the algorithm and speak to them directly.

-Constantly find out what your customer is struggling with and really hone in on the important things and build a more intimate relationship. 

-Inviting them into this private space where you can really talk about your niche and you know they are the best fit for your business opportunity 

4) Start emailing them

-Important component of people seeing your message. Better visibility than social media. 

-Be even more specific with segmenting who would be the best fit for business and may want to take the next steps

-Show them what the opportunity could look like for them 

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