The Top 4 Things I Do To Not Be A Slave To Social Media



Do you feel like you constantly have to be posting on social media & thinking of new content? This can be super draining and honestly, it’s sucking extra time out of your day that could be better spent elsewhere. It’s time to get off the content creating hamster wheel. I share four top tips with you that I use in my own business to avoid letting social take over my life. Learn how to manage your time effectively and just how much of that should actually be spent focusing on social media tasks. 

If you’ve been putting all your eggs in the social media basket, this episode is for you. Social media is like that shiny object we all want to focus our attention on because it seems like the best and quickest way to grow a business. The fact is that it isn’t meant to do anything more than be the initial step that draws your audience in, builds credibility & begins the process of knowing, liking & trusting you so you can start funneling them into your offer. It’s a great foundation to build off of but let me show you how to streamline it so you can focus on the more important things! 

The key takeaways from this episode:

  • Categorize all your content 

This way you don’t have to always be wondering what to create. 

 1) Hub- Changing your ideal customer mindset and saying hello. 

The goal of this content is to offer a quick tip or resource to inspire them to make small changes, answer questions, give support, & keep them coming back. 

 2) Hygiene- Rinse & repeat content you can use at any time.

The goal is to build community and entertain while showing them who you really are and your values. 

 3) Hero- Move the sales needle.

Helps someone process why they must hire or buy from you, changes their beliefs, and focuses on their pain point. 

Use MeetEdgar to repurpose your content

Great way to save time and still be putting out content consistently

  • 80/20 Rule

Focusing on what’s working. 20% of the content you're creating is bringing in 80% of your engagement. 

Figure out what that 20% is and create more content around this to connect with your audience. 

  • Build a story bank- Use Voxer to save stories

Send yourself in the moment all the stories that come up over the week that cause any sort of emotion so when you need a story you have that bank of stories always available.

  • Create a post bank- Use ClickUp

Create a bank of your top posts and how they performed so months down the line when you need to repurpose content and want to put it out there you can use these again or something similar. 

By watching how they perform you can replace the posts as you grow and see engagement get higher. 

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Share in the comments below your favorite tips on recycling content & how to do more of what works! 

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