Why A “Funnel” Is Your Answer For Everything

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Are you wondering

“What the heck is a funnel??”

(If you are, you’re gonna be aaalll about it soon!)

I was chatting with a coach in a super-strategy meeting about what it would really look like to get to six figures in her business. We went over her offerings, and one of them was a one-on-one coaching session.


But here’s why I steered her AWAY from offering that:

In a one-on-one session, you’re limiting your growth by how many sessions you can commit to. You’re only able to help ONE person at a time and you only have so many hours in a day.

This is a sweet offering and there is nothing WRONG with it… if your goal is NOT to get to six figures a year.

Imagine what your schedule will look like if you’re spending an hour with every single person! (You’d hit your capacity REAL fast!)

A funnel gives you the ability to help hundreds (if not thousands!) of customers at once, vs. just one.

The Truth

Think of it this way: you can use addition to grow your business, or multiplication.

A funnel is an automated system put in place to help customers move through their “value journey,” which has 4 main parts:

Someone becomes AWARE of you

They start to ENGAGE with you

They SUBSCRIBE to your email list

They CONVERT into a customer (The eventual goal!)

Let’s dive into 5 REASONS why you’re gonna want to STOP everything and START building your FUNNEL right NOW:


It lets you scale your business and NOT be limited by your own abilities or time commitments.

Your speed of growth is ONLY limited by how quickly you can build the right funnel, and figure out how to get people into it. (Like Facebook and Instagram ads!) A funnel creates a system you can automate, instead of relying 100% on DM’s, messages, or stories which are time-consuming. (FB and IG ads can do the “awareness” work for you.)


Once ads find the right people for you, your funnel will engage for you.

It will send people to your social media, and a landing page you have already built. This will help them get to know you more, and invite them to receive an automated email series. These emails are pre-written and will fire automatically when someone fills out an opt-in form, taking them even further in depth. (You only have to set this up ONCE!) The email series works to convert them into a customer. 

It’s not only a system that’s easily automated, but it’s easily TAUGHT!  If you’re the CEO of your biz, you don’t have time to do everything.  Someone else can EASILY keep an eye on this for you.


Less DM-ing, more automatic customer attraction.

So many people in network marketing think that if they don’t see any kind of engagement, the ONLY solution is to DM people! Maybe it’s just me, but I wouldn’t respond well to “hey girl, I’ve been thinking about you and you would LOVE this product” from a stranger. (Or even a friend!)

A funnel gives your customers the freedom to follow along on their own journey, instead of you trying to create posts on social that will make it into their feed.

I think that’s a much more authentic way to go about things! Emails are less invasive. 


It’s an automatic VALUE machine.

One of the biggest blockers to getting a real audience is NOT PROVIDING VALUE. When you set up your funnel, you should have a freebie (also called a “lead magnet”), or something you’re immediately giving away for free that someone would want to opt-in for.It might be a 5-day free meal plan, makeup or skincare tips, ways to stay hydrated… Cater it to your audience! 

Relationships are like an emotional bank account, and providing a freebie at the first point of contact is delivering VALUE.

You have to make a deposit before asking for something in return. FIRST, you’re establishing that you’re here to serve them!

When it comes to social media, the delivery rate is around 1-2% if you’re not paying for ads. Email is a MUCH better way to drive people into your funnel because open rates are at least 20%. An automated email series is a gift that keeps on giving.


It’s MUCH more authentic than simply trying to promote yourself.

If they’re opting in to receive what you’re giving, they’ve made a mini “yes” commitment on their own. It feels MUCH better to consume content and move forward with a relationship when there’s been a mutual yes, vs. continually pushing yourself in front of people trying to get them to take action. (That behavior is a huge turn off, right??)

People don’t want to be promoted to. They want to learn about something that matters to them!

When you have an opt-in that’s built specifically for your ideal customers, and your “indoctrination” and “welcome” emails speak directly to their interests, you’re building an authentic connection. (Not to mention - people who don’t feel authentic in their marketing have a really hard time sticking to it. Would you agree?)

We ALL want to feel purpose and passion behind what we do, how we show up, and what we give away. It’s a HUGE component of living a truly fulfilling life and making your business a part of that. 

If you’re ready to rock and roll with building your own funnel, catch my FREE training HERE!

👉There’s a special lil bonus for attending, too. ❤️

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