How Building A Business Is Like Dating & Not Getting Caught With Your Pants Down



Building a business can be OVERWHELMING.

Whether you’re building a business from scratch or expanding your business (taking it online or adding new offers), it can be time-consuming and be challenging to know where to start and if your effort will be impactful.

Building a business is like dating. You meet someone and you’re hitting it off. Things are going pretty good and you’re all of a sudden spending every day together, Netflix and chillin’ every night and barely see your friends anymore.

Dating is like building a business

3 months in, you realize he/she doesn’t have a job, has tons of debt and doesn’t want children – something you can’t live without. And you’re caught with your pants down.

You wished you’d discussed this from day one.

Somehow, you missed that conversation about their values, what they stand for and what they wanted out of life. Really, it was the conversation to see if they were your IDEAL PARTNER. Not having that tough conversation because everything was going smoothly so you forgot and avoided it cost you time and effort.

If this happens when you’re building a business, the results are TIME-CONSUMING and EXPENSIVE.

Here’s the good news. Here’s what you CAN expect when you do the work and define your IDEAL CUSTOMER…

  • You will know who YOUR PEOPLE are – the ones that actually BUY and that NEED your services
  • You start marketing and speaking directly to YOUR PEOPLE  – spending a lot of effort and less money on advertising
  • You attract CLIENTS that spend money on your products because your communication and messaging is that clear. You ATTRACT your TRIBE.
  • You differentiate yourself in a SEA OF SAMENESS – when you know exactly what your customer wants and you can articulate your very unique differences and stand out from the competition.

Here’s a sample ideal customer you can use to determine your ideal customer!

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