Why The Purpose Of Life Isn’t That Complicated. And Meaning Is Everything.



What Is The Purpose Of Life?

This question has rolled around in my brain millions of times.

What is the purpose of life?

Ultimately, I’ve always felt that the answer to this question would reveal happiness in all its glory.

Being a perfectionist, I thought if I could understand the purpose of life, I could get it right.

Patience, young grasshopper. Oh, how the perfectionist mind thinks!

Well world, I’ve arrived.

I finally feel that I have a decent response to this question if this question can be answered at all.

The clarity I’ve found has come from a series of exercises:

  1. Defining what things evoke passion
  2. Identifying when I find myself in flow*
  3. Identifying when I’m doing I love because I am good at it.

These ideas helped me solidify what a perfect day in life would be.

The simple answer to this question is:

A life is well lived when you define your core values. Then, you don’t settle for anything less than purity in your alignment of these values when it comes to what you do on a daily basis.

When you create that clarity in what you want in your life and you see how these daily actions line up with your values, life starts to feel pretty damn good. 

All becomes well in the world and all of these daily actions add up to a big and meaningful life.

That’s it!

This blog post could end here!

If we were all in constant harmony with our values and strengthens, would life not be vibrating at the right frequency?

For those that are satisfied with this answer, I bid you ado!

For those that want more on this topic, there are four parts to this series; career, love, goals & health.

I felt the need to separate these out because although the compass for thinking about purpose may be the same, the examples I can provide are much better detailed in specific areas of life.

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