What You Need to Do if You Are Running Out of Leads and Feeling Salesy



What You Need to Do if You Are Running Out of Leads and Feeling Salesy

I know a ton of entrepreneurs that are burning time and money because they don’t have a converting funnel.

If you feel like you are one of them, and you are running out of leads or having trouble moving people forward, it’s time you understand your Ideal Customer Value Journey.

I am breaking all of this down into logical steps in this episode so you can stop leaving leads on the table.

Key Takeaways From This Episode:

  • An explanation of a converting funnel
  • What the ideal customer value journey is
  • How professionals get in front of more people
  • Various ways you can gain awareness and engagement
  • How to successfully move from subscription to conversion
  • Why you need to present your offer in a really exciting way
  • How to know where your problem is

All of the steps that I talk about in this episode are crucial, and they are important to be completed in order. 

Bill and I would love to help you get crystal clear on exactly what you need to do in each of these steps, so we are offering private strategy sessions!

Visit ashleyshaw.ca/idealcustomerjourney to sign up. We will spend 90 minutes together, and you will walk away with a fully custom 90-day plan, a step-by-step roadmap and optimization strategies.

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Value Journey Worksheet 

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