What Would Happen If We Weren’t So Focused On Women’s Bodies?

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Women's Bodies

What would happen we weren’t so focused on women’s bodies?

The space it takes up. How much it weighs. How it could take up less space. How it looks in the mirror. How it looks when it gets older. How it compares to other bodies – who wore it better. How it should just be less than what it is – less is more you know. How our interpretation of value and worth is based on the size in the back of our pants. How it could be sexier and more appealing – not too sexy though. How quickly it bounces back from having a baby – the faster the better.

It’s considered disruptive to have an “average sized girl” model represent your brand. We must call her “plus-sized” to ensure we differentiate her body from the rest. Why must the worth of us be so connected to the space we take up?

What could we as women focus on instead…Instead of having an inner voice telling us we need to be thinner, prettier, younger…

Would we be more present? Engaged? Loving? Would we focus more on self-love rather than self-hate? Would we spend more time making a difference in the world?

Fighting hate with love? Making more people feel accepted?

Helping keep the oceans clean? Helping keep our communities safe? Wearing a bathing suit and not worrying about “getting a bikini body”. Dancing naked and skinny dipping. Not worrying about what others may think and not allowing it to take up any space in our minds.

This message is too important to ignore now. I have a niece now. She means the world to me and I want her to grow up in a world that she can focus her time of bigger things – stopping climate change, curing cancer, fighting for human rights.

Showing other women that they should love their bodies, our mothers, sisters, nieces, and daughters is too important to ignore. This obsession with women’s bodies cripples us. It only serves as a distraction from our real potential. Our ability to focus on things that make a difference. Our ability to have time and space to do things that make an impact on the world we live in. Who created these unrealistic images that we so often compare ourselves to?

Do you men spend this much time worrying about their bodies? Do men feel they should take up less space? Be smaller. Be quieter. Be less….there.

Isn’t this conversation way overdue? We owe it to ourselves, the women in our lives and generations to come.  I’m not sure I have the answer on how to stop those voices, the marketers that target us or the images that flood our minds as women but I do know that women are a powerful force beyond measure.

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