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Whitney has been in marketing for almost a decade, and worked in marketing for brands like Redbull, Hilton, and Marriott and eventually used that knowledge and experience to open her own agency.

In 2020, her marketing business suffered because many of her clients were in hospitality, which experienced a major pause due to the pandemic. During the same timeframe, she was diagnosed with severe anxiety and depression and reached a reckoning of what she wanted to do, and what her next step in her business would be. She loved coffee but the caffeine was triggering anxiety, so all of this came together for an awesome opportunity to launch “Get Supr”- a CBD-infused instant coffee that she launched in October of 2021!

Whitney shared her thoughts around the constant “push” and “go go go” mentality entrepreneurs struggle with, because there are lots of goals to achieve. The pause and mental health break she experienced in 2020 allowed her to really reflect on where she was at, and it led to a huge shift in her marketing agency. They actually crushed their original goals for 2020 in 2021, and doubled their revenue!

She realized there was a LOT of self care and important mindset shifts that simply hadn’t been happening, and the pause during 2020 finally forced it to happen

Entrepreneurs need to be able to check in on themselves, especially when it comes to the pressure of meeting “goals.” We tend to associate our worth with what our business is doing, or the worth of our business with OUR worth and how we treat ourselves. Understanding our own self worth can open our business up to a limitless amount of success.

When we seek affirmations of what we’re doing, we’re poking holes in the confidence of our business. Every business goes through hard times, and every entrepreneur has their own lessons to learn. Whitney wants to make sure we know our journey and our walk within our business is completely our own. It requires gaining an understanding of where we’re at mentally and how we’re leading our company into success. Ultimately, she truly believes you have to be right within YOURSELF before you can lead your biz, your clients, and your team to success.

Whitney knew it was time for a mental health break when she started having a hard time sleeping, panic attacks, and was overworking herself. When she was diagnosed in 2020, she found holistic solutions like therapy, shifting her daily practices and getting specific with her routine. Self-care wasn’t face masks and bubble baths, but journaling, breath work, meditating, paying attention to alcohol and caffeine intake, and even setting some difficult personal and business boundaries. Eliminating what was sucking time from her business and not serving her was tough and required sacrifice, but necessary in order for both her and businesses to be healthy.

Meditation apps Whitney recommends:

App #1


App #2

Insight Timer

App #3

Chani (for the spiritually-minded)

When it comes to goal-setting, she says she has to be VERY clear on it, to reverse-engineer it into tiny chunks, and to make sure she CELEBRATES every small win that happens along the way. Any time there’s a goal, she encourages everyone to celebrate something good that's happened either in business or our personal lives.
Celebrating the smallest wins will affirm that what you’re doing and who you are in your business is a positive light. We get so caught up in goals that they can become monsters we create, and we forget the good stuff that’s happening. We’re only ready to celebrate the goal we want to achieve.

Also: Whitney was super generous and is doing a GIVEAWAY for listeners of this episode!!! 

How to enter:

Take a screenshot of this episode to show us you’re listening, post it to your Instagram stories, and tag @whitneyeckis and @theashleyshaw.

The winner will receive a box of GetSupr Hemp Infused Instant Coffee, or a box of their regular Instant Coffee (minus the hemp), whichever they choose!

The winner will be chosen and announced on Thursday, December 16th!

Key Takeaways From This Episode:

  • Lack of self-worth or scarcity mindset will greatly limit our ability to break past those ceilings to the success we’ve always dreamed of.
  • Everything that’s gotten you to this point is the sum of your learnings BEFORE. If you want to go further, you have to look ahead and prepare for the knowledge it will require.
  • Every business goes through hard times, and every entrepreneur has their own lessons to learn.
  • Celebrating the smallest wins will affirm that what you’re doing and who you are in your business is a positive light. 


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