Top 1% In Their Network Marketing Company In 3 Years: How Sandy & Wade Critides Did It



Do you want to know the secrets behind a successful power couple who’s achieved the top 1% of their network marketing company? 

In this episode, I’m chatting with Sandy and Wade Critides, both lifestyle entrepreneurs with a multitude of thriving businesses, including their podcast “Getting Magnetic with Sandy and Wade.” 

Sandy and Wade have achieved an 8 figure per year success line and are in the top 1% of their network marketing company. They started their business in 2018 and rose the ranks in just 3 years. 

Their journey began as loyal customers turned raving fans that couldn’t help but share what they loved with others. They started their business and leaned into their upline, getting out of their comfort zone and getting clear on the vision they had for the business...together. 

Over the years, they’ve learned the importance of mindset, connections, positive relationships, the power of a community culture in which everyone is welcome, and leading with friendship. 

They shared an amazing affirmation that they’ve repeated daily over the years. Feel free to take it, tweak it, and use it to visualize your business goals. 

Sandy and Wade’s Affirmation:

I am so happy and grateful for my amazing life, for my incredible marriage, for my unstoppable confidence, and for the abundance in my life. We are business building and enrolling magnets. People are actively seeking the life-changing opportunity we have to offer. These people are excited to work with us and are building their businesses fast, stable, and strong the same way we have. We are trifecta bonus earners. We are a nation. We attract the right people, resources, and opportunities and we are top 1% earners of our company.

One of the key points they made in this episode is the importance of chunking down your income goals into months, weeks, and days. Making an action plan is key to success and your income is tied directly to the impact you make.

Sandy and Wade are on a mission to help other network marketers create the businesses of their dreams with daily non-negotiables and business tools to make achieving success easier.

They founded the 90 Day Habit company, a company devoted to helping you become a leader in your network marketing company, create duplicatable systems, and truly treat your business like a business in just 60 minutes a day. 

This episode is jam-packed with golden nuggets and I’m so excited to team up with Sandy and Wade to giveaway 5-90 Day Habit bundles!

To enter, screenshot this episode, tag Ashley - @theashleyshaw and 90 Day Habits on Instagram, and we’ll choose 5 winners to win one of the 5 bundles.

Key Takeaways From This Episode:

  • Sandy and Wade’s story of how they started their network marketing business. 
  • The importance of falling in love with what you promote and leaning into your upline. 
  • Why creating a vision is key. 
  • Surround yourself with people that live the life you want to achieve. 
  • The power of community and making everyone feel welcome. 
  • Creating a culture of duplication and using recognition to create more of what you want. 
  • How to get your partner on board with your network marketing business. 
  • Why chunking out your goals makes it more doable. 
  • Treating your business like a business and having daily non-negotiables. 
  • How to use affirmations and visualizations to help you reach your goals. 
  • The 90 Day Habit tools. 
  • How to enter the giveaway to win a 90 Day Habit bundle.

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