To Be a Disrupter, You Need Uncontainable Passion



PassionWhen it comes to business and industry, the word passion is one that has been watered down and overused by the would-be industry disrupters of today’s culture. Passion in it’s the truest form is more than just enjoying what you do for a living or even just enjoyment in life. Passion is a force at the core of who you are that gives you the ability to think long-term, to anchor onto the bigger vision, and it creates a power within to overcome hurdles, obstacles, and even creative block in order to see your vision come to fruition. In order to actually disrupt an industry or a way of life, you’ve got to be able to tap into the passion that sparked your desire for change in the first place, harnesses it, and ride it to the end. The entrepreneurs who have changed the way we do things in different industries have learned how to do just that.

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