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A huge change has been removing our monthly promotions. We used to do a ton of promos in our email list, and I’ve noticed there’s been an increased demand for higher ticket items in our course offerings.

This summer, we switched to investing more time in Mastermind-level clients and working with a smaller group more intimately. I’ve started working with some amazing Network Marketers, and I noticed a repeating pattern:

Many of them were missing their own signature offer.

They have reached a certain point in network marketing, but eventually, progress stalled, or they want to retire and have something else… without leaving that income behind. (This is exactly why I started the Mastermind!)

I also heard others continuously saying they hated the tech part, and I hate it too… which brought us to a big realization: my husband could also help others build the tech side! So we’re also now building out people’s sales funnels for them!

Our goal is to provide “Done for You” funnels along with the software that goes with it, so our customers aren’t having to pay all the extra fees that each service always charges. We’re also working on building our own email service provider right now, to save even more money.

Ultimately, the trend we’re seeing right now is a new focus on higher ticket offerings that help people MORE than simply offering 30 “Done For You” posting templates per month.

Bria has noticed the same trend with higher-ticket offerings.

We’re often spending lots of little bites online, but not getting the progress we want. We’re used to spending money online and are more comfortable with it, but at this point, everyone seems to be craving a higher level of connection and help.

People are ready to invest an uncomfortable amount because they know they will follow through due to accountability. This brings larger results. (They don’t want to fail… so they don’t!)

I recently heard Aaron Fletcher say that in order to focus on low-ticket items, you have to be an expert marketer with millions of dollars to spend.

It’s EASIER to get a high-ticket product up and running, and the profitability is there SOONER… rather than competing with so many low-ticket offers!

Most people start by thinking cheaper products will attract more people, but you can deliver much more value in a higher-ticket scenario without having to cut through all the noise of lower-ticket offerings.

Plus, since we have the attention spans of goldfish now, committing to something longer and more in-depth helps us dig deeper into our real issues. Customers will get great strategy, but also the mindset support it takes to follow through.

The other interesting change we’ve noticed has been the way we’ve been marketing.

We used to give away a lot of freebies or small offers in front of people (under $100). In the end, we realized MORE was coming from free workshops! They are delivering the “ah-ha” moments people need in order to want to work with us. Workshops have definitely been the biggest lead generators for our business.

When it comes to lead generation and customer acquisition this year, Bria has definitely noticed a massive push toward Instagram Reels.

We all know that if you’re playing in the Social Media playground, you’ve gotta play by their rules. It used to be Insta stories, and now it’s reels. Sometimes we fight these things, or we feel like we’re too late to the party, but just be a player. Join the playground. Most of the time, it’s free to use anyway, so follow the rules and get the benefits!

It’s not about likes and engagements anymore- it’s about what is converting.

Here’s the thing (Bria had a great point!!): Creators often don’t realize that we get caught up in creating content that drives views because it’s entertaining… but we forget face-to-camera training. Our audience needs to continue seeing the value of who we are and what we provide- which used to happen in stories. Now it needs to happen in reels.

We often get too attached to the end result, but my views on social media have changed this year. We’re always testing hooks. For example: we started noticing that talking about uplines was connecting very well with my audience and got a LOT of response. Well… originally, my book was titled “Celebrity Magnetism” because one of our copywriters suggested it… but he isn’t on social media and isn’t aware of what my audience is responding to. I was on a call with 2 of my team members (who happen to be my cousins), and one of them just said, “F*ck what your upline said!” and that was it! That was the new title. It encapsulated our audience’s pain of doing EVERYTHING they’re told only to realize nothing is working.

After using social media as a testing ground, we’re letting our audience determine the verbiage we’re using and what we’re doing more of. We try to create reels with great ad potential, meaning they start with a great hook, have a great body that explains a story or shares a testimonial, then finishes with a clear call to action we want them to take. Each week, we look at how many posts are “ad-worthy.” Once we know what is performing well with our audience, we turn it into an ad.

Social media is an experimental playground now. We’re constantly testing. I’d love to say there’s a secret formula for what works for EVERYONE, but the truth is the only formula is to keep doing more of what’s working.

Pay attention to what’s working, and do more of it!

Next year, Bria is going to be investing more of her focus in more of her own pain points… because healing ourselves and fixing our own problems is how we help others do the same! No matter the product or service, it’s always born out of a problem, so investing in her health and an even better understanding of hormones, and talking to more women about what’s happening with them is a huge priority for her business.

The other piece is investing more in people who can help you do the things you don’t need to be doing. (Outsourcing!) This way, Bria can be freed up for creating and looking ahead. Challenges, bigger offers, and how to make them even more valuable!

In the last few years, my mindset has changed when it comes to spending money in my business. I’ve learned that when you invest in the best, you get the best. If you want to get there faster, you pay someone else who already knows!

We have a habit of thinking we’ll struggle through figuring out the business side of things and automatically know how to do everything and be good at it. It’s like insisting on walking everywhere instead of driving or flying. It can take months or years, or you can get there in a few hours.

Find someone who has what you want and hire them to help you!

I was so thankful for Bria’s time in discussing trends we’re seeing for 2023! To learn more about women’s health and hormones, get in touch with Bria by finding her podcast, called The Period Whisperer Podcast, or her Instagram handle: @bria_period_whisperer.

Key Takeaways From This Episode:

  • What most Network Marketers are missing that lets them break through their business’s limitations is their own signature offer.
  • Use social media as a testing ground, and let your audience determine what’s working and do more of that.
  • Focus less on likes/engagement, and more on what converts.
  • Higher ticket items stand out better than lower ticket, and are more profitable right now.
  • The fastest way to reach your goals is to find someone who’s already achieved them and hire them to teach you.

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