The Best Advice From My 8 Favorite Guests In 2021



Ever wished you could sit around a table with successful business people and ask for free advice?

Today’s episode is meant to be exactly that!

Bria Evenson, known as the “Period Whisperer,” chimes in first. She helps perimenopausal and menopausal women lower the stress in their body and finally get results in their fitness and nutrition! She shares about her business experiences and growth, and the two most VALUABLE things she’s learned that you should NEVER live without: Constant growth, and knowing the value of Networking. More conversations and connections mean you’ll be able to add more value to the world!  

Josh Coats - a gifted “push coach” - is up next! His gift is motivation, and he’s been teaching on mindset, marketing and leadership for over 7 years now. He says the biggest challenge in network marketing is understanding the 3 Levels of Reach. If they are out of balance, business and growth in general is gonna be very difficult. He goes on to explain that reaching “Down” is referring to people following us. Social media, customers, downline members, etc. People-oriented businesses require lots of time “reaching down,” but many network marketers spend too much time there and end up stunting their growth, because those are typically the people that are at a lower level of motivation or growth than you! We tend to spend too much time trying to convince followers to become customers, customers to become reps, and reps to become leaders. Eventually, their excuses become OUR excuses, so we can fix that by reaching out to the “Side.” People at a similar level of growth, with similar motivation goals. This is our “Squad.” Next, we need to reach “Up.” Those are people more successful than us or at a higher level of growth!

Michelle Barnes dropped out of law school 26 years ago to pursue network marketing full time, and has never looked back! She fell in love with helping people think differently. She got tired of money dictating her choices and had a strong work ethic, so these things combined and she made her first million by age 30. She’s not bragging- she wants everyone to understand that if SHE can do it, ANYONE can it! She’s passionate about showing people they can truly BE, DO, and HAVE ANYTHING they want in life. If she could tell anything to her younger self, it would instantly be to stop caring so much about what other people think of her. (‘Cause here’s the truth: They DON’T actually!) And? Play BIGGER. Don’t be intimidated by other people!

Lianne Kim helps Momma entrepreneurs build profitable, successful businesses so they can live their wildest dreams. Her challenge was also around getting past what people think of her. Here’s the thing: network marketers aren’t typically used to putting themselves out there so much, and in the early days, it’s hard! Even if you’re opinionated or outspoken, asking people to pay for your goods and services is extremely vulnerable. You’re also expected to step up and share opinions on virtually everything, and show your face on video, sharing the ins and outs of your day. She realized a VITAL fact that helped her stop taking negative feedback to heart: negativity is more often a reflection of how that person feels about themselves. It’s not so much a reflection on YOU. When you’re small and just starting out, it’s easy to get away with trying to please everyone- but the bigger you and your brand get, the more likely people will chime in and have something to say about it. Critical feedback is part of stepping up and playing a bigger game!

Emily Feairs is a life and business coach for ambitious women who wanna be successful without having to hustle their booties off. She helps us understand that the fearful thoughts that come into our heads aren’t just our brains telling us facts. Our brains are wired to avoid danger at ALL COSTS. That’s why they tell us not to take risks, or don’t do the big crazy thing. Choosing how we want to respond is our job! We need to treat those thoughts as “offers” that we can kindly dismiss, and see out the door. We’ll never fully get rid of them, but all we have to do is master the management of them! That’s how she’s helped clients unlock SO much!

Shanna Yurko is a video producer and video coach who used to work in the LA film industry. She says the BIGGEST thing that’s working right now with engaging content on social media is VIDEO! On Instagram, specificially Reels that feature YOU and build your personal brand. We have such an awesome opportunity there, because we can get specific and strategic. She’s doubled her following in 3 months and gotten over 1.9 million views finding ways to be funny, relatable, and speaking directly to problems her customers are having! If you do the same, every single follower you attract will be your ideal person.

Brandi Mowles helps online service providers scale with simplicity. She teaches them the systems and marketing they need in order to do it on their own without a team, and hit consistent $10k months. She also helps them create a second revenue stream, and teaches them how to launch it with simplicity. She’s all about KISS: Keep It Simple, Sweetie. The fastest way to scale your biz to 6 figures is with simplicity! Focus on the needle movers in your business. There are 4 elements: Package and pricing, Systems, Marketing, and Branding… but you can’t focus on elevating your branding until you’ve worked on the main needle movers: the first three. Once you’ve mastered her points on Package and Pricing, Systems, and Marketing, you can focus on elevating your brand and services, and everything else falls into place!

Alvaro Berrios is a Facebook Ad strategist! He had some crazy helpful insight when it comes to the biggest challenge with Facebook Ads. Ever since the beginning of 2019 when iOS 14.5 came out, the algorithm is receiving less data and ad managers are seeing incomplete information. For example: According to Facebook, an ad campaign might have 10 conversions, but there might actually be 15-20! This makes it very difficult to track results and know how effective your ads are. To overcome this, they’re creating duplicate funnels… and one is a dedicated Facebook Ad traffic funnel. In other words, instead of multiple Google, Facebook, or Instagram ads bringing people to the same landing or sales page, they’re sending all clicks from Facebook ads to ONE landing page. The only way to get to that page is by clicking the FB ad! This way, they can track results independently and figure out the TRUE cost per conversion, or sale. He’s encouraging people to adopt this method in order to get more accurate info, since this problem will only get worse over time.

Trish Taylor is a brand stylist and intuitive business coach who started off as a celebrity stylist working in Hollywood. Unlike celebrities, most of us aren’t comfortable getting in front of a camera all of the time. Trish also has a masters degree in counseling, and when she started trusting her unique experiences and skills, she realized she could use all of these pieces of herself and go deeper into the process of helping clients transform themselves and gain confidence. She turned her one-on-one offer into a one-to-many offer and offers a unique experience called the “Batch Wardrobe.” It helped online entrepreneurs batch on-brand content that helped them feel confident in their photos, so they could find their soulmate clients online! She’s been able to step into the unique parts of herself that gave her “expert” status, and she invites you to do the same! Find those things that allow you to share more of yourself with your soulmate client in a unique way, create an experience, tell a story, and create a program around it. It’s how you’ll stand out in a sea of sameness!

I REALLY HOPE you enjoyed listening to some of my 8 fav guests in 2021. (They were also YOUR fav guests in 2021 too!) I hope you took some notes and found gold nuggets today that help you feel reinvigorated about your biz, especially as we move into 2022.

Key Takeaways From This Episode:

  • “Your outward success is a reflection of your inward growth.”
  • The more conversations and connections you have, the more value you can add to the world.
  • Don’t spend all your time reaching “down” to followers or customers. Reach to the side (colleagues), and up (people more successful).
  • You playing small is serving no one.
  • Negativity is often just a reflection of the person giving it, not you
  • Our brains are wired to avoid danger and risk. We can choose our response, and redirect our brain.
  • It’s ALWAYS cheaper to keep a customer than to buy a new one.

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