The 6 Tweaks You Need To Build A 7 Figure Business



Is building and scaling your business to 7 figures on your dream board? In order to do that, your mission must become clear and you must make simple tweaks in your business in order to get there without getting burnt out or mega frustrated. 

In this episode, I’m sharing the 6 tweaks I made in my business that helped us grow and scale to 7 figures. These tweaks and having the right mindset are the shortcut to the revenue goals you want to hit. 

We’re talking all about the impact your mindset has on your revenue goals...and no, it’s not just “have a positive mindset” that’s going to get you there. 

We’re also diving into the importance of getting a working funnel up and running, running ads for awareness, measuring your stats, and getting the backend of your business in check so you can scale and grow your business. 

And one of the biggest factors of business owner burnout? Overworking yourself. I’ll teach you how to solve that problem by using an issues list and hiring a team to handle the day to day tasks that you DON’T need to be spending your time on. 

If you implement these 6 tweaks I teach you this week and do the proper mindset work, you’ll find that making money online isn’t hard after all.

Key Takeaways From This Episode:

  • How your mindset is the shortcut to the revenue you want to hit. 
  • Tweak #1: Your Mindset
  • Tweak #2: A working funnel. You need a system running in the background to help you convert without “hey gurl” hustling.
  • Tweak #3: Measure your stats in your funnel. Ditch the emotions about your business and go back to data. 
  • Tweak #4: Add FB ads to create awareness. You need MORE people to become aware of you before you can move them through your funnel and convert.
  • Tweak #5: Hire a team. Your time is worth so much and you need to focus on the things that ONLY you can do. 
  • Tweak #6: Use an issues list to prioritize your biggest issues and priorities first. 
  • Why making money online is easy with the right systems and strategy in place. 


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