The 5 Biggest Mistakes Coaches Make When Inviting

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You’re hovering over the keyboard.  You’ve gotta say SOMEthing to get the ball rolling, right? It’s overwhelming!  

Where the heck do you start and what do you say to get someone to respond positively? 

**Hint: EVERY person in business struggles with this if they’re not SUPER CLEAR on who their people are. We’re gonna clean up the mental mess, but first let’s swan dive right into it...

The 5 Biggest Mistakes Coaches Make When Inviting

Mistake #1 

Your opening line is something like, “Are you on the health and fitness journey too?”

Hellllll to the noooooooo... If this was a date, that was like asking if they were ALSO looking for a lover to marry. (Not the time, girlfriend!  Trust me.) 🤞

Mistake #2 

You’re focusing on ERRBODY.  (You have no freakin clue who you’re actually talking to.) #sprayandpraybaby

Not saying YES to ANYONE willing to work with us feels cray-cray, right?  Well, here’s a quote from a successful entrepreneur that is kicking 🍑 right now:

 “I’m just looking for the people who are looking for me.”  

Listen- Most of us got into this biz to find people we can help.  The people who are ready to take action.  Our soul sisters who are looking for what we’re offering.

🤫The secret win: If you find THOSE people, you never have to close them.Work smarter not harder, right? 😎

The problem with trying to hit EVERYONE in the feels with Cupid’s magic arrow is that our stuff starts getting generic.  It doesn’t capture a specific person’s attention, or speak DIRECTLY to them.  

You want to slow their scroll and compel them to click a button, because HOW DID YOU GET IN THEIR HEADS? It’s sorcery.  Now they’ve GOTTA investigate.

Quick Tip #1

If you don’t FULLY understand where your best leads are coming from, you’ve gotta get MORE specific with who your customer REALLY is. We’re talking at a heart and soul level.  How do they take their coffee ?Dog or cat person?  Toilet paper roll over or under?  You know- the stuff that really defines us. 

Interview someone you think is your ideal customer (or look at your list) and start gathering intel!
(You’ll speak to different people differently. So simple, but easy to forget!)

Social media is loud.  It’s messy.  Algorithms are sending you into nowheresville.  At the end of the day if you don’t have a stinkin’ clue about who you’re talking to, your voice won’t cut through all the noise.🤫

Mistake #3 

You don’t know what language to use to speak to them.

If people are ghosting you, it’s because you don’t have enough rapport with them.  Picture meeting someone in person for the first time: we tend to naturally match their volume and speed to get on their level and find common ground.

When it comes to talking online, all we have are words.  We can’t mimic their body language, volume, or speed!  Just their language.🍑

Mistake #4 

You don’t know their values, so you can’t relate. 

This might not be super obvious, but it’s important because we have to startincorporating their values into our social media posts.

👉 Example: Being a new mom as an entrepreneur is CHALLENGING.  Priorities start shifting and a lot of moms can lose themselves in the process of raising babies.  It takes some serious effort to maintain both roles! So one of their social media posts should definitely talk about climbing out of the motherhood hole and learning how to operate as an entrepreneur with babies in tow.  

When someone first sees you, they don’t care about what you’re offering.
They care if you have things in common. 

Be consistently posting what they’re thinking about.
“Whoa, you just read my mind!” = SUCCESSFUL POST. 🎉

Mistake #5 

You’re not consistent. 

Tend to overthink things?  We’ve ALL been there.  We start to doubt our ability to show up online, have something worthwhile to say, or be the voice we think our people need to hear. It’s easy to get our tighty whities all rolled up in the journey, forget how far we’ve come, and how much we’ve accomplished. 

We can get caught up in our own heads and start overthinking things.

Reasons we don’t go live on our socials: The lighting sucks.  We don’t have anything new to talk about.  Tried too many donuts earlier and we’re feeling blah.  (It’s WAY too easy to let things snowball!)

Quick Tip #2

Don’t just post to post, though, if it doesn’t tie in to your customer’s values.  Show up consistently, but show up offering value. 

How?  Get inspired by learning more.  When you learn something new, you get pumped to share it with your audience! 📣

Keep your mind right. 🧠 Don’t cut off that oxygen supply of development, ‘cuz you’re gonna start feeling like you have nothing fresh to say and to put it professionally, that’s when things get wonky. 

Real talk: entrepreneurship is such a head game sometimes!  We overthink the crap out of things, then do nothing.

It’s not that you don’t have the energy or time- it’s just being spent in the wrong areas.  Too much thinking and not enough DOING.  This is what we want to help you change!

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