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Do you ever feel like you’re talking to the same people over and over again, only to keep having the same old conversation time and time again? Are you feeling like you’re “hey gurl” hustling and spending too much time trying to show people your value in the DMs?

In this episode, I’m chatting through my own experience with the “hey gurl” hustle hamster wheel and showing you exactly what I did to flip the switch, make gaining the trust of my followers easier, and add more value to the right people. 

When you start looking at your business as something you can automate to actually work for you, you free yourself up from being in the DMs all day and can actually focus on the value you’re adding to your followers and your sales funnels. Your ads will start bringing in the right people and your email provider will handle the messaging. 

Automating your business with sales funnels allows you to get your offer in front of more customers so you can make a difference and start converting. 

A funnel also helps you to scale seamlessly so you don’t hit a roadblock and completely halt your progress. 

The more you can dive into the numbers in your funnel, the more you’ll be able to dissect what’s working, what’s not, and make changes along the way to increase the effectiveness of your funnel and convert more customers so you can serve them well. 

By implementing a sales funnel, the business becomes less emotional and more strategic, so you can do more of what really works and what you love. 

Key Takeaways From This Episode:

  • Automating your business allows you to work more efficiently
  • The key to scaling and growing your business is automation
  • Your sales funnel will target the right people and bring in new leads you haven’t talked to before
  • The key stages of a sales funnel
  • The importance of a great freebie
  • How to read the numbers and use them to your advantage
  • How a sales funnel can give you the freedom to focus on what you love in your business


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