Spilling All My Sales Secrets And What I Was Doing Wrong For So Long



Are you feeling salesy in your business? Do you wonder why potentials don’t move forward with you? Would you like to finally understand how to set up a sale for success and avoid the “hey gurl” hustle? 

In this episode, Ashley is spilling five fundamental secrets that you need to know, messaging examples, common mistakes that she and so many others have made and the exact process and checklist that she uses now to confidently close a sale. 

From changing your mindset to actually taking the time to understand the goals of the people you are talking to, you can quickly create a more authentic conversation, build a relationship and ease one's worries about spending money with you. These things make all the difference in sales and are such a simple shift that you can make.

You’re going to want to write these secrets and steps down because they are going to take your business to the next level starting now.

Key Takeaways From This Episode:

  • Attitude determines your altitude
  • People do business with those that they know, like and trust
  • Goals drive emotions
  • Personalize your solution
  • Give 2 options when asking others to join you

Whether you decide to completely adopt this process or work it into your own,  you will immediately find that avoiding salesy language, leaving the “hey gurl” hustle behind, and taking Ashley’s advice will organically drive people through each of your steps and to an easy yes.

Resources Mentioned: 

Done for you Monthly Marketing Funnel Membership

FB Group - Business Bootcamp for Fitness Coaches

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Website: www.ashleyshaw.ca

Facebook: @theashleyshaw

Instagram: @theashleyshaw 

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