Part 1: Why Challenges Are The Fastest Way To Convert Your Followers Into Customers



Show Notes:

List Building with Challenges [00:01:41]

Challenges are a better way to collect leads than lead magnets because they create urgency and have a start and end date.

Mindset Change with Challenges [00:03:36]

Challenges help customers change their mindset and have an "aha" moment about the product, making them more likely to buy.

Creating a System with Challenges [00:06:55]

Challenges provide a system for filling, delivering, and selling, which can be documented and repeated for consistent success.

Benefits of Running Challenges [00:08:52]

Ashley explains the benefits of running challenges, including the ability to create content for future workshops and ads.

Invitation to Join a Challenge [00:09:49]

Ashley invites listeners to join her five-day cash-converting challenge masterclass that is starting up next week.

Upcoming Podcast Episodes [00:12:00]

Ashley mentions three upcoming podcast episodes that will cover how to fill, deliver, and sell in challenges.


Are you finding it hard to convert your social media followers into paying customers? If the answer is yes, then we have a solution: CHALLENGES.

Challenges are an innovative and effective method for building your customer list, changing mindsets, making an impact, establishing a system, and generating content for future workshops.

By participating in a challenge, you can master the art of creating your own cash converting machine and conquer the feeling of being overwhelmed.

In this episode, Ashley provided an insightful comparison between a challenge and a workshop. A challenge fundamentally involves execution. It's about taking action and implementing changes. On the other hand, a workshop tends to focus more on teaching and training, providing more in-depth education.

The aim of a challenge is to convert followers into paying customers, making it a key strategy for anyone seeking to monetize their social media presence. Meanwhile, workshops are designed to provide a deeper level of education and training.

An added benefit of challenges is that the content created during these events can be repurposed for future workshops, emails, reels, and ads. This makes participating in, or running a challenge, a valuable investment of your time and effort.

Challenges, when effectively implemented, form the backbone of a successful business. They are a solid strategy for achieving a consistent six-figure income, paving the way for sustainable business growth.

For those of you keen on learning more about running your own challenges effectively, Ashley is hosting
 a five-day cash-converting challenge masterclass.

She will guide you through the process of filling, delivering, and selling in challenges.

"Challenges are the best way to convert followers into customers." So, what are you waiting for? Harness the power of challenges, and start creating your own cash converting machine today!

Join the 5-Day Cash-Converting Challenge May 29th!


Don’t Miss It! Join The 5-Day Cash Converting Challenge Masterclass. Register at The challenge starts May 29th.

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