Unlocking Your Creative Blocks: The Power of Reiki and Psychic Readings



Show Notes:

Transforming Your Creative Process [00:00:00]

Ashley shares her journey and challenges in transforming her creative process and simplifying content creation for social media marketing.

Challenges in Social Media Marketing [00:03:59]

Ashley discusses the challenges of social media marketing, including algorithm changes and increased advertising, and the need to connect with audiences in new ways.

Shifting Mindset with Reiki, Emotion Code, and Microdosing [00:08:03]

Ashley shares three strategies for shifting mindset and overcoming creative blocks: Reiki, Emotion Code, and microdosing.

Reiki and Psychic Readings [00:09:06 - 00:13:04]

Ashley talks about how Reiki and psychic readings have helped her unlock creativity and gain confidence in her business decisions.

Business Coaches and Emotion Code [00:14:59 - 00:17:08]

Ashley shares her experience working with a business coach who specializes in emotion code, which helps identify and release trapped emotions that affect goal-setting and productivity.

Investing in Yourself [00:17:56]

Ashley emphasizes the importance of investing in oneself to produce better results.

Microdosing Mushrooms [00:18:54]

Ashley talks about the benefits of microdosing mushrooms, specifically the different types and their effects.

Benefits of Woo Space [00:22:00]

Ashley encourages listeners to be open-minded about alternative remedies and the transformative power of the woo space.


Feeling stuck in your social media marketing efforts?

Struggling to stand out and create meaningful connections with your audience?

In this captivating episode of "Social Selling Simplified," we reveal how to break free from creative ruts and become unstoppable in social media marketing by embracing unconventional strategies.

Join me as I share the 3 game-changing strategies that have revolutionized my creativity and helped me simplify things:

  • Reiki: Discover the power of energy healing to unlock your creative flow. I recommend working with a Reiki healer who is also a psychic for a unique blend of spiritual guidance and practical business advice.
  • Business Coaching with Emotion Code: Learn how to release trapped emotions that hinder your productivity. My coach, Angela Kristen Taylor, uses the Emotion Code to transform personal and professional growth.
  • Microdosing: Enhance your mood, focus, and cognitive function with the intriguing practice of microdosing, particularly with mushrooms.

While these tools may require a financial investment, the returns in terms of revenue and personal growth are invaluable. By investing in yourself and maintaining a positive mindset, you can achieve extraordinary results.

Ready to unlock your creativity and reach your marketing goals? Don't miss this episode of "Social Selling Simplified" and stay tuned for more valuable tips and insights on social media marketing. Discover the power of unconventional strategies to transform your marketing game today!


Tracy Reese:
Reiki Healer & Psychic
If you’d like to contact Tracy or schedule a Reiki session with her, send her an email: tracygray7141@gmail.com

If you’d like to contact Angela or schedule a one-on-one productivity breakthrough session with her, go to
www.angelakristentaylor.com or www.productiveflow.com!

Hey Sero:
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