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Angela’s story starts with a mother who she now realizes was extremely OCD. (In the ’70s this wasn’t as widely known, but it’s certainly what Angela grew up experiencing through her mother.)

This was her extreme example of what it looked like to be productive and efficient, but as for herself… Angela was the complete opposite of her mother. (You could never see the floor of her room.)

As an adult, she loves living by the seat of her pants and thrived in real estate… where she learned that she was great at coming up with marketing ideas.

This led her to start a company doing marketing and copywriting for real estate listings and websites, back when websites were fairly new to real estate agents.

Eventually, she expanded, going international. Much of her time was spent on the phone with clients helping them through problems and giving them ideas… which is what led her to coaching.

The only problem with this was that realtors only had “productivity coaches” at that time, and productivity was the last thing Angela knew anything about… as she was actually struggling with it. So she looked deeper into the issue.

Her clients were similar to her- they valued freedom and were naturally disorganized. After going deeper with them, she learned they had difficult or traumatic childhoods similar to hers.

After learning more about personal development, wellness, and nutrition, she realized our productivity is truly rooted in our emotional state.

If we can re-write our stories into truly believing that we WERE capable - and we were and ARE enough (or just the right amount) - we can allow ourselves to believe that we are capable of making an impact… then actually do it.

She’s turned this into a process called “The Productivity Flow Methodology,” which is broken down into focus, time, emotion, and energy.

Being able to curate her time around the way she wants to experience life has resulted from following this process:



Set your GPS. It’s the biggest issue, and most of the time our focus is in the wrong place. (i.e., money. Money is simply a tool. It’s more about safety, security, and love- basic root needs.)

Here’s how to set your focus or intention:

  • What experiences do you want to have?
  • How do you want to grow?
  • What do you want to contribute?

When these things link together, you’ll realize what you want to do.

The main thing Angela helps people fix is the “No, don’t do this” thought that pops into our minds when we consider taking an action.



Don’t get stuck thinking you don’t have extra time left. Instead, look at the emotions you feel while doing certain things, and that will help you decide. Here’s what she means:

When Angela still had 5 kids at home, she was breastfeeding an infant while homeschooling 4 different grade levels full-time. She was also coaching 40 clients and teaching 3 live classes per week- which were in-person, not at her house.

Every meal needed to be made from scratch in her house due to dietary restrictions. She also found time to spend one-on-one time with her daughter, read, meditate, do yoga, etc.

She was able to do it because of how she grabbed hold of her time. Time blocking felt very restrictive, but when she started to write down to-do lists for each day, she realized she had no idea how long each thing took. She found herself writing down the things she HAD to do instead of what she WANTED to do.

She was focusing her time all wrong.

So she started keeping a time journal to see how she was ACTUALLY spending her time, then added in the things she wanted to do that she was not. She noticed how she was feeling while doing certain things, and then she realized many things had zero value…so she eliminated them.

She found workarounds for things like chores, grocery shopping and cooking (by enlisting the help of her kids), and eventually created a schedule that worked for her, was enjoyable, and didn’t control her.



After understanding how aspects of our day make us feel, we can determine the parts that energize and light us up, and the times our energy starts to drain and the cause.

Nutrition and movement definitely play a role in this! Once we pay attention to these things and regulate our nervous system,  

we can create a much higher-energy environment. 



Once we get the body out of a state of existing (or bracing for the next emergency), we move into emotion. This is where we can identify feelings and thoughts that are coming up when we want to take an action, and change them.

  • Once we understand our focus, and know what actions we’re going to take…⤵️
  • We have to curate our time so we’re able to take those actions…⤵️
  • Then we fix our energy so it allows us to do those things in that time frame… ⤵️
  • Then we look at what stories are coming up for us, pull them up by the root, re-write them, and tell ourselves a new story.

That’s when everything starts to flow. 

We’re not hampered by thoughts that tell us we’re not good enough anymore. The old stories stop.

If you’d like to contact Angela or schedule a one-on-one productivity breakthrough session with her, go to
www.angelakristentaylor.com or www.productiveflow.com!

Key Takeaways From This Episode:

  • Our ability to be productive is rooted in our emotional state.
  • You can curate your time around the way you want to experience life.

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