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The information I’m sharing with you in this episode is coming from spending around $12k this year in masterminds and coaching, another $5k in courses and trainings… and working with experts that have crazy street cred from working with high-level people in the marketing space!

I’m pulling from that wealth of knowledge and bringing you the Top 5 Things I’m going to be doing differently in 2023. Let’s break down everything I’ve learned!


Going Big-Ticket over Small.

A big-ticket item provides high value with a high cost, and it delivers big results… instead of a small-ticket item, which isn’t always as high a value, and it comes at a small price point. We’ve made shifts to big-ticket items.

I was doing a course by Aaron Fletcher, and he said you have to be a master marketer if you’re going to promote small products. He firmly believes promoting bigger products is actually much easier!

I’ve also heard this from another company we work with called Gravy. We had an opportunity to chat with their CEO, and he recommended we look at the higher end of our funnel and decide what we could help other people with based on what we’ve overlooked or didn’t want to do previously. This is what helped us decide we could help individuals in Network Marketing by helping them create a signature offer, which would allow them to create big-ticket products for themselves but also completely differentiate themselves from other Network Marketers in their same market.

It soon became clear that others were also struggling with the TECH side this requires, and personally, I’m not techy at all. I’ve always had people on my team (such as my husband) who deal with it for me. By getting on individual calls with potential customers, we realized others feel the same way… and we could help many people with tech, too.

There were three big-ticket items we realized we could offer, which tweaked the entire direction our business was going.

To other Network Marketers out there who are looking for their big next step for 2023:

Create a signature offer, a big ticket item (instead of small), that will help you know what your market truly wants and help you to scale so much faster.


Customers change, and so should your offers.

This year, we found that our offers just weren’t being received like they used to be. Our audience wasn’t wanting the same things anymore, and we needed to shift towards providing what people truly needed help with- such as Instagram Reels, etc. We added Reel audio ideas to our monthly Done-For-You membership as well as Insta Story Prompts.

Every space changes, and conditions in each market do too. Be adaptable, and don’t get stuck in what you were successful with before. Understand your market, so you can tweak your offers when your customers change.


Simplicity makes you money.

When we overcomplicate anything, it’s difficult to execute, and you can’t package it and sell it. This year, we decided to make every process in our business so simple that all team members can understand it and we can simplify it enough to sell it.

For example: we used to have a long, back-and-forth process around creating sales pages for each new offer. Now, I’ve created a templatized system so anyone can fill in the blanks and create their own sales page.

If 90% of the population can do something, you can sell it. (Overcomplicating something makes it expensive and impossible to sell.)

What is something in your business you can simplify?


Start with the marketing end in mind.

Let’s say you have an end product that will be your big-ticket item. If you start with the end product in mind, you can extract smaller things from that item and create lead magnets, tripwires, etc along the way that will help people get qualified to reach that end product or big-ticket item with you.

If you start with the end product in mind, it’s much easier than building your funnel the other way around.

For example: When we decided the main way we want to help our customers is by helping them create a signature offer (so they can separate themselves in their markets), it made everything easier, even down to customer service and what we refer to in our Facebook Groups- because now we know our job is to educate people and help them realize they can keep doing their business as they know it, but if they really want to reach 6 or 7 figures in a short time without having to keep DM-ing people and sending cold messages, they need to do something different.

They need a signature offer to springboard them, because they can’t scale and run ads to just a Network Marketing company’s offering.

We’ve directed people to episodes of our podcast or workshops that will help close those gaps for them. It helps fasttrack them to the info they’ll need to have the “ah-ha”moments we want them to have.

Once you hone in on what people need in order to reach the conclusion you want them to reach, it simplifies each process in your business.


You don’t need to do ALL the things, but DO need to do 5% of the things.

A coach of mine said there are 5% of activities that actually produce revenue in your business, and the rest don’t. It’s your job as the CEO to figure out what those are, and outsource the rest.

The top 5% of things that are most important would be anything that involves being the face of your business. No one else can be the face if you are the brand. (This likely means you’ll be the one in the Reels, recording podcasts, doing the photoshoots, etc.)

Now when it comes to writing things, designing or coming up with signature offers, that might be someone else! But if tasks help drive revenue, that has to be YOUR focus.

(You do need to know your ideal customers and their needs as the CEO of your business!)

Thank you all SO much for following along! If you loved this information, please reach out and let me know what stood out and what you’ll be implementing in 2023!

Key Takeaways From This Episode:

  • Promoting big-ticket items is actually easier than small-ticket items.
  • Create a signature offer & a big-ticket item, and you’ll scale your business so much faster.
  • Be ready to change your offers when your customers change!
  • You can’t sell anything that isn’t simple.
  • The reason you need your own signature offer is because you can’t scale by running ads to your Network Marketing company’s products.
  • Outsource anything that isn’t directly tied to revenue or being the face of your business.

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