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In order to preface this episode, I need to go back to what my life looked like before I understood the importance of creativity and the space that needs to be created for ot if you’re going to attract abundance and build the business and life you truly want… instead of living in past fears and doubts.

When I worked in the sales and membership area of the fitness industry, I’d been everything from a personal trainer to working up to a general manager, then worked in the training dept, then became a district manager in various companies until I was the president of a fitness company.

When I worked in a high-stress environment, everything had a mood. When sales were going well, we were in a good mood. When sales were NOT going well, things were dramatic. I was on high-level leadership calls with people saying they were “so embarrassed by all of this,” and it was a very ego-driven environment.  

My cortisol levels and fight-or-flight responses were constantly raging.

In this response, the blood drains from our brain and goes to our extremities in order to give us the power to run from an enemy... but when this is happening ALL the time, the body is constantly producing cortisol, and pathways are being created in our brains. Eventually, you can think about something, and your body will react as if it’s actually happening! It becomes a habit.

In this mode, your body has NO extra energy left over to be creative or do anything else. We tend to run to other things that release stress, depending on what our “drug of choice” is. (Alcohol, exercise, junk food, etc… Anything that changes our state.) Sometimes it helps, but sometimes it produces MORE cortisol.

It’s a vicious cycle.

I was also over-consuming caffeine and was having heart palpitations in the middle of the night at just 30 years old. Things felt aggressive, and I was not saving my energy for the people I loved! I was intense all the time because we often repeat what we see… so I wasn’t in a healthy head space to be making decisions around a business.

Important note: all the things that make life worth living lie in the space of creativity.

Over time I learned I could get back into that state of fight or flight VERY easily, because my brain remembered it. I didn’t want to repeat it, because it feels much better to be in a state of creativity.  

Changing the pathways in my brain has made the biggest difference in my life.

In terms of making changes and really focusing on mindset, and how my brain was firing on a daily basis was to wake up and change the pattern each morning. I took time and started meditating.

When meditating, you pull that energy out of your body and into a creative space. A lot of the things we process and think about get pushed into our body and can actually block chakras, and steal energy from repairing and creating.

The purpose of meditation is to help STOP firing the connections between neurons that aren’t helping bring you forward in life! It’s to create new pathways and connect new neurons together… and what’s crazy is it only takes about 2-3 days to start creating new pathways and think about living in your future!

Most of society is living 90% of the same thoughts every single day. This means they’re constantly operating in the past, living on past thoughts. (They’re level of consciousness is only around 10%!) Meditating teaches you how to go and peel back a veil that takes you beyond rational thinking, and changes your subconscious mind.

You’re like a computer that’s programmed in a certain way, and you can only have so many applications opened and running in the background. Meditation changes the unconscious things happening in the background! Some common unconscious thoughts are, “Money doesn’t grow on trees!” Or, “Making money is hard!” “That’s a rich people thing!”

Meditation will help re-program those thoughts.

If you haven’t heard it before, I want to make sure you check out Joe Dispenza’s studies around this! He was previously a chiropractor, and he got run over in an accident. 5 different surgeons said he needed various surgeries. Within 5 weeks, he was able to heal himself and went on a journey to see if others had doen the same thing. Now he is a neurologist who studies the brain and shares groundbreaking information.

When you start to lean into meditation and become aware of your own thoughts, you start to rewire those neurons. Even becoming AWARE of this is part of changing your life, because it’s true: the quality of your life is determined by your emotions.

When it comes to protecting this space, something important you can do to make sure your energy is protected is to prune the people around you.  

There were certain people I was letting in our house for a long time that were very focused on problems. I’d think we were having small talk, but within the first 5 minutes we’d be talking about all the crap happening in their lives… and while I want to be open to talking to people, this energy effects the environment and leaves an imprint! It’s not an energy you want to have to fight and clear. That cortisol release is definitely addicting, so you might start wanting to hear the bad stuff… so be mindful of who you allow in your house on a regular basis.

Becoming aware of it and processing it will make such a difference in your ability to dream of and live in a state of abundance and live in that world now! Where you will feel those emotions now. That is how you start to manifest and bring the energy to yourself of what you actually want.

I today’s topic was super deep but it’s been on my mind a lot lately, and I think there’s much more to learn and to come!

Be sure to check out Dr. Joe Dispenza’s work, and his series “Rewired” on the Gaia Network!

Key Takeaways From This Episode:

  • The quality of our life is determined by the emotions that we feel.
  • It only takes about 2-3 days to start creating new neuron pathways in your brain.
  • The key to manifesting and bringing the energy to yourself that you actually want is to start feeling emotions right NOW of where you want to be.


Joe Dispenza

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