This Is Why Your Ideal Customers Aren’t Buying.



If you’ve been a Network Marketer for any period of time, you’ve probably heard of “Ideal Customers.” It means there are certain sets of people who are perfectly meant to work with you.


Get clear on who they are.

Recently I had someone interested in joining my Mastermind, but they didn’t want to do the curriculum. When we talked about an individualized solution, it was out of their price range, and figuring things out just felt like a very messy process.

This is a prime example of knowing someone simply isn’t your ideal customer because they have a different viewpoint on how they want things to go. I’m not the solution for them!

After everything unfolds, we can often tell that this person would probably never be happy as our customer. The universe is all about alignment and finding your people. Not everyone is your person, and that’s a good thing! It’s important to learn to recognize who is who.

The ones that don’t feel right will suck your energy, and the right ones will feel like everything is easy.

It’s important to be honest and get clear with who you want to work with, and who you specifically don’t want to work with.


Consider the exact language they’re using.

Can you get on a call and talk with them? The way we frame things and the way someone else frames is often different! For example, someone might say they want to “lose the fluff,” but if you’re always posting about “Fat loss,” your ideal customer might be passing you up. That specific language will stop them in their tracks!

This is why you’ve got to get on a call so you can ask questions about their dream outcome, and what they feel is missing. Ask them how much it should cost them, and what they have tried in the past. Getting answers to these questions will give you context and help you know exactly what they’re looking for! (You will save yourself tons of time and effort, and won’t be guessing anymore!)


Speak directly to them.

We are often too broad with who we talk to on social media. Many people have told me they’re even afraid to say “mom.” It’s important to niche down. If you’re not specifically calling ONE person out, you’ll get lost in the noise and float into the background.

Trying to be for everyone will mean you’re not for anyone, so differentiate who you help, then speak directly to them.

As customers, we’re most attracted to people who are putting out the exact vibe we’re looking or. When someone is generic in their approach, it’s hard to trust them and know they’re the right fit for us. We make emotional judgments all the time and try to figure out if we’re their customer or not.

To get a YES, speak directly to your customer by pretending you’re talking just to them. It will jump out of the feed and get their attention.

(We call these “hooks” in the copywriting world! It might be text on a reel or the first line of a post.)


Have a system in place that will move ideal “prospects” into becoming customers.

Social media isn’t the best tool for this! Most people don’t find you on Instagram then immediately buy from you, because there’s an emotional process they need to go through before they’re comfortable with that. (It’s like dating.)

Use social media to initially call out your audience, then move them into a more intimate space like email by offering them a free “lead magnet” or download.

What do they feel they really need in order to overcome an objection they might have? If you have a lead magnet they’re interested in that is also helping them overcome a time, commitment or money objection, it will get them closer to wanting to work with you.

Have you seen the stats around email? They’re crazy! They say something like 90% of people check their email at least twice a day. This way, you know someone will actually open and read your email, vs. being subject to the terrible delivery rate of social media and having no control over who sees what.

You need an email system running in the background and moving people through a customer journey. You will want to be emailing them various things along the way, talking to them about solutions they need, and providing value. (Don’t just sell!)


Your ideal customers might not be buying because you're not getting to the ROOT cause of why they’re not buying in the first place.

It’s important to know which questions to ask in the sales process, so you can understand what they’re looking for and overcome objections before they come up. I recommend asking questions like what hasn’t worked in the past, what they did and didn’t enjoy, how much time they have to commit, what their budget is, etc.

Sometimes people skip ahead too quickly and jump right to the sale because they’re nervous, but first, we really need to understand how people would answer those questions in order to sort out who we might not be able to help.

Like I said earlier, we started a Mastermind earlier this summer, and there are people who are perfect for it, and there are people who definitely aren’t. When I get on the phone with people who aren’t perfect, I can feel it. There are a few key things that need to be in place for the person to be right for our offer.

I know this is easier said than done! You have to learn as you go.

I hope this episode was helpful today!

Key Takeaways From This Episode:

  • Wrong customers that aren’t for you will suck your energy. The right ones will feel like everything is easy.
  • To get a YES, speak directly to your customer by pretending you’re talking just to them. It will jump out of the feed and get their attention.
  • Treat social media like a first date, and email like the next step in your relationship before buying.
  • Make sure you get on a call in order to extract the exact language your ideal customer is using, and know the right questions to ask them!

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