Your Upline’s Advice Isn’t Growing Your Business.  Here’s How to Be Productive (And Make $$)



For most Network Marketers, there’s often a disconnect between the activities you’re told to do, and what actually produces results in your business. You might be pumped about an opportunity, but this is the fundamental flaw that inevitably happens…

You start sharing your excitement about your products, and it might gain traction and a few customers at first…But eventually, you run out of people to talk to.

The only method you’ve been given by your upline or your company is to watch others’ stories, message people randomly, or start weaseling your way into conversations by leaving random comments.  

Now I mean everything I say here with love!

I’m a HUGE fan of being authentic and genuine in sales interactions, and I truly believe there are products that are perfect for people. If we love something, it’s our job to share it with others.

I just can’t get on board with following a plan that feels like spraying and praying, and ultimately wastes precious time. Most of us have started businesses in order to do more of what we LOVE instead of more of what we HATE.

There are always exceptions in terms of uplines and companies, but most advice given by both is oversimplified. What’s the plan to get in front of MORE people after your warm audience runs out? How will you turn cold leads into warm ones?

This is a fundamental piece of marketing that’s continuously left out of the conversation. As soon as NW Marketers don’t see a warm market anymore, they assume the problem lies with them… when it’s not their fault. You’re lacking a system that leverages your time and gets you in front of more people!

I want you to be productive, but it’s important to understand what leverage looks like in your business, and what the top 5% of activities are that will actually drive results in your business.

You can be productive, and most of us love a good to-do list… but if it’s a bunch of BS, you’ll never build your business.

These are the top 5% of activities that make an impact in your business:

When we break down how a business starts to gain traction, the first step is for more people to become aware of you.

Activities that produce awareness might be blogging, answering questions, hosting a podcast, having a Youtube channel, TikTok, utilizing strategic hashtags (not super important, though), social media, and having an ad strategy.

Most NWMarketers have no system for making people aware of them! They post on social media and cross their fingers, hoping MORE people will stumble across them and DM them.

My favorite way to build awareness is Facebook Ads! You can spend around $5/day and push your message out to new people. That message might be a social post, but it has to be a strong post that makes it worth the money.

From there, you need steps that get people on your email list, then emails that will help convert them into customers. But if you don’t have a strategy for building awareness, then you’ll never be talking to enough people.

(Side note: There are additional steps you’ll need to take if you go the ad route, such as having a “funnel” that sends people through a set of steps that allows your offer to eventually be presented to them. If you’re ready to build your funnel, check out my free workshop, “Network Marketing Won’t Make You Rich, Do This Too”.)

Then there are “Face of the Business Activities.” These are things no one else can do for you- you can’t outsource them.

When you’re building a business, it’s common to be doing everything yourself. This can make it hard to see the forest through the trees, and it’s hard to get clear on the CEO-level activities you should be thinking about. One of those things is creating content beyond social media.

It’s important to be answering people’s questions, and you can use a tool like “Answer the Public.” It lets you look up common questions people are searching for and helps you know exactly what to talk about in terms of content!

Make a list of things you do, and determine what only you can do and what others can help you with. Think of it this way: it’s an investment that will allow you to make more money, because you’ll be freed up to do MORE of what only you can do.

If doing it all yourself is your mentality, you’ll never have time to get to the most important thing in the business that only you can do… that will make the most money.

If you’re only focusing on social media (which has a terrible delivery rate), your business will be the slowest growing thing ever.

I promise you there are things you’re doing now that a competent Virtual Assistant could easily handle for you. We have several that ease the burden of administrative tasks, so we can leverage our time and focus on more important activities.

Your business will reach a point where you will need to outsource, and you’ll need to protect your time so you can focus on what will GROW the business, so you don’t get stuck in day-to-day tasks.

If this is of interest to you and it’s been an area where you’re feeling lost and needing some guidance, definitely check out my free workshop, Network Marketing Won’t Make You Rich. Do This Too.

It’s a bit more advanced for those who are ready to start building out their funnel, so the other workshop we have is called Your Upline is Full of Sh*t, Do This Instead. This helps explain the pieces of the puzzle you should be focusing on (outside of Awareness).

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