Why 99% Of Network Marketers Fail To Make Money (And What To Do Instead)



The title of this episode isn’t just a number I made up- it’s 100% fact from the Consumer Awareness Act!

If you’re a Network Marketer, this isn’t meant to scare you! It’s meant to push you into taking an action that’s DIFFERENT from what 99% of people are doing…And that’s listening to what their upline is telling them to do and not truly taking ownership of their business.

There are 9 clear steps you can take to make money in your business and actually be able to scale your income. (Even 10X it!)

Unfortunately, this roadmap isn’t what most uplines teach or do themselves. Most of them are relying on what worked several years ago, which simply isn’t effective anymore.

As we go through these nine steps, consider whether you have each one nailed down or whether or not you need to work on it!


Your Million Dollar market.

This is about getting clear about who is in the market for what you have to offer! You need to answer a series of questions that define whether your market is in pain, if they have the money to pay what you’re asking, and are they easy to identify and target?

When just getting started, most people don’t have a clear target on their market; they focus on anyone and everyone. Don’t be afraid of excluding anyone!

Also- is this market growing, or not? If it’s shrinking, or your ideal customer doesn’t have money to spend, your business won’t make it very far.


Your Million Dollar customer.

This is about finding customers who are **perfect** and who will always say yes! There are a series of questions you need to answer around these customers to make sure they’re perfect for your offer. What problem are they trying to solve? What are their dreams and aspirations? What do they want on the other side of working with you? What is standing in their way right now? What are the fears and implications of not taking any action?

If you don’t answer these questions, you may be focusing on a customer that’s not in pain and not motivated to move forward! (This is most often what causes ghosting and lack of action!)

What are the steps this person needs to take in order to make a transformation? You’re laying out the order in which they need to take action. This helps you define what your offer should be. No, you shouldn’t have the same offer as every other Network Marketer out there!


Create Your Million Dollar Signature Offer.

This will set you apart from every Network Marketer out there! You’re taking the steps you’re creating with your Transformation and defining the currency. Define your “million dollar message” for your offer. I hear a lot of Network Marketers get stuck on things like “I deliver balance”... or “I provide happiness… calm… less stress”...

Well, the problem with defining that as your currency is no one wakes up in the middle of the night wishing for more balance. (It’s not a big or specific enough problem to make people want to pull the trigger.) Your currency has to be in line with what people think about… like things that are more like, “I wish I could lose this weight,” or “I need to make a little more money,” etc.

We like to overcomplicate it, but honestly, most customers’ deep pain they’re willing to take action on are simple, clear, and specific.

This is why markets around weight loss or anti-aging are so popular- many people are after those kinds of results. The marketing has to have enough of a hook to get people to pay attention! You might have an AMAZING product, but if people keep scrolling past you and you’re hitting them where it counts, you won’t convince anyone to take action steps forward. You need to know what your market is dreaming about or in pain over.


Create Your Million Dollar Content Plan.

Create a strategy that delivers on your offer. Yes, I’m telling you you should have a course or coaching program- or something that is different. Your Network Marketing Business can be intertwined, but it can’t be the first thing you show people, or you’ll look the same as everyone else.

Take the steps we’ve talked about, and define all the problems your ideal customer has. Define all the possible solutions for them. Once you’ve done that, you’ve got your nine steps to get them to their goal (that will become your course or coaching program/signature offer). Once you’ve defined all the problems and possible solutions you could offer, these become different ideas for tripwires, order bumps, and upsells.

Tripwires, order bumps, and upsells are utilized to help move your customer along the journey to your core offer. A tripwire is a $7 - $27 product someone would purchase before they’d spend $100 - $200 with you. (Ours is a book!)

An order bump is something someone can add to their order (around $27 - $47), and an upsell is a bit more expensive, anywhere around $97 - $497. It can be a more personalized product.

If you want to scale your business, ads are imperative! This is where tripwires, order bumps, and upsells come into play- they increase the order’s value and help cover the cost of ads!


Create Your Million Dollar Strategy.

Create a mini-scorecard that benchmarks and outlines how you’ll scale to 6 figures and beyond. When creating any type of sales funnel (the way someone finds you, purchases your tripwire, then order bump, then upsells, etc), there are statistics you want to track along the way to know what traffic/people you need buying each product in order for you to scale to 6 figures.

This strategy sets up important benchmarks needed along the way to know that you’re on the right track.


Create Your Million Dollar Production.

(How you create your content for your offer and course, and who you create the content for tripwires, order bumps, and upsells.)
Make sure it’s organized


Your Million Dollar Funnel Build

This requires sales pages, copy (the writing on the sales page), images, and some software necessary to get your funnel up and running! (It’s best to use tried and true templates like “Click Funnels,” and other similar services.)


Build Out Your Million Dollar Automations

This is crafting the email automations you’ll need to put everything on autopilot. There are automations that support moving each person through each step of your customer value journey.


Your Million Dollar Ad Strategy

When it comes to social media, define what your hooks are, what kind of copy should be in the posts themselves, and what concepts, images, videos, etc are going to be helpful in driving people to your offer! I hear all the time that network marketers are putting their offers out there but no one is seeing it, or they’re not getting people on their email lists- and honestly, it’s not their fault. It’s mostly due to the algorithm and the fact that those posts aren’t getting shown to people. This is why an ad strategy is necessary!

Simply posting on social media is a slow train to nowhere. If that’s what you’re depending on to build your business to 6-figures, I hope this episode has been enlightening in terms of what you actually need to do in order to build a 6-figure business!

If this is something you’ve been thinking about and want to learn more of, this is what we focus on in our Mastermind! There are a couple of different options available, and the best way to get information is to watch my free training, “Network Marketing Won’t Make You Rich. Do This Too.” It will outline your next steps!

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