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Micah started in Beachbody as a customer needing accountability and support. Her husband was in veterinary school, she had two toddlers, and had “fallen off the wagon.” She started doing Insanity again, but she needed something new… so she simply went on Instagram (back in the day when it wasn’t overwhelming) and found a random girl with a six-pack who was doing a challenge group. She joined it.

She became a coach to get shakes at a discount, but she unexpectedly fell in love with the process of helping others step through their own crap! For 6-8 months, she found herself coaching in the cracks of her days, all while building a photography business and raising her kids.  

One thing she knew she DIDN’T want was to become what she called “The Beachbody Shark.”

Every time she posted on social media and tagged “Insanity,” random strangers would DM her and ask her to join their accountability group. She knew she never wanted to be associated with that, but nine years later, she understands why they did it. However, she has been determined to do this her way- a way she was proud of and excited to show up for.

Although her direct upline wasn’t very active, her “grandma” upline was the mentor she needed. She closed her photography business, went all-in with Beachbody, and the income has transformed her family’s life.

Why? Because she built it all on “alignment,” like it was a real business.

She understood the growth opportunities that came with it, so she showed up to do the work to make it profitable.

When the going gets uncomfortable, rejection comes, and fears and limiting beliefs smack you in the face.  This is where many people slow down and take a step back.  They think maybe it’s not for them.  As those things smacked her, she decided it was her chance to grow as a human and face these things.

She realized the hard things she was facing in her business were a reflection of what she was going through in motherhood, marriage, etc.

Thankfully, she adopted this perspective early on, and she treated these times as opportunities to learn how to lead, help someone through their fears, and doubts, and help them feel gratitude and create structure and habits that will serve them to become their best…so she could use these skills in motherhood.

This is how she stepped through the “mom guilt” that comes with running a business because she knew it was serving her in her ultimate role: raising her kids. She treated it as something that would transform her life.

For those that aren’t Beachbody coaches, Micah has surpassed the 7-figure mark annually. She hit it at year five, sustained it each year after, and it’s continuing to grow. (It’s work, AND worth it!)

The more you develop yourself, your mindset, skillset, and leadership, the more you can mentor others in doing the same. Entrepreneurship and network marketing in general is a personal growth opportunity with a business opportunity tied to it.

Building everything for her photography business made her appreciate the way network marketing is set up even more. (It takes all of the backend setup out of it- but that can sometimes shoot new Network Marketers in the foot because not having to do that initial work makes it seem like everything else will come as easily, too!)

Here are some changes people need to make in order to go from “I’m just a Network Marketer”
to “I’m an Entrepreneur”:

You have to tie purpose and vision to the work you’re doing.

A lot of people miss this boat because they get started for surface reasons, like affording their protein shakes and helping a few people. (It wasn’t until Micah dug into some soul work that she got excited about the potential! She wanted a life of choice.)

At the time, they were going to be following her husband wherever he went after veterinary school, relying on his job and income. She values family over everything. They have five kids and a life they wanted to build with them, and she didn’t want to do it in the midwest, where her husband would likely get the best job. She wanted to build their lives in the west where their family lives.

She watched a video of a Beachbody coach talking about her income, and her curiosity started to churn. She observed this coach and got to know her. She was a normal mom, and very relatable… and this told Micah that if she could do it, Micah could do it.  

Not being tied down by her husband’s income and being able to live wherever they wanted is what lit her on fire.

When you partner yourself with a company and products you love that you want to be using, you can build something you love with limitless possibilities. Everyone has the same opportunity, but very few lean into what it can mean for them.

Micah referred to something she calls “Heart Tugs.” They’re the fleeting thoughts we all get that we can choose to take action on, or we can let them go and miss our miracle. They come every day, like “you should reach out to so-and-so!” And, “I wonder how she’s doing?”

Be in tune with what you want most. With your vision and desires for your life. The details that light you up.

When you get clear and emotionally connected to those things, those “heart tugs” will elevate. They will get you in the game and bring it to life. Your body doesn’t know the difference between imagination and reality- so when you can get so emotionally connected to this vision you want to create, it will become part of who you are. You will shift your thoughts, behaviors, and actions and start stepping into that next-level version of who you need to be in order to do those things! The heart tugs are what set the path to do that. (We ALL have them, but many of us ignore them and let the distractions of life quiet them!)

As far as her business AND raising five kids, she’s had to identify what’s most important and then build her business around them…

Instead of building a business and hoping priorities fit.

She got clear on what she was willing to sacrifice and NOT willing to sacrifice. As her business started to grow in the “mom cracks” of her day, she was expanding and finally hit a wall. It was time to decide what to do, so she learned how to delegate and find HER zone of genius. She asked herself what she could happily pay someone else to take off her plate!

Over the years, the answer to that question has looked different… but having a team has been her answer. She might be a unicorn here, but she’s never once felt burned out or like she was “hustling.” From the beginning, she built this in a way that supported the life she wanted to live.

It’s vital to understand how and when to delegate and what a “support team” looks like! Whether it’s a nanny, house cleaner, virtual assistant, etc. Systems to simplify are ESSENTIAL, so you’re not spinning your wheels.

You’ve gotta find what works for YOU…

not what you think you “should” do. 

Key Takeaways From This Episode:

  • Treat your business as a real business and build it on “alignment,” delegating as soon as you can. You will never hit burnout if you build it this way.
  • Do not ignore or wait to take action on the small “heart tugs.”
  • Realize the hard things in your business are a reflection of your personal life and growth, and treat it as an opportunity to grow.
  • Be in tune with what you want most. With your vision and desires for your life. The details that light you up. 

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