How I Manifested 1 Million Dollars In Sales + My Dream Family



About five years ago, I had a crazy dream. (It’s already the fifth anniversary of when we started a company that provides “done-for-you” marketing content!)

I’m not the type to remember dreams. (Even my DNA results confirmed this!) It was 3 AM, and I couldn’t fall back to sleep. I’d had a vision of leaders I’d worked with in the past in the health and fitness world and bringing them together in network marketing.

Now in real life, I’d recently been having conversations with my friend Bria -a Beachbody coach- about how I could help her team. I’ve heard from experts that what happens in our external mind starts in our internal mind, which means everything we see on the outside starts with a thought and a feeling. (Something happens internally first.)

So I had this dream, and I woke up at 3 AM feeling CONFIDENT that this was my calling and it was what was going to work. Sounds crazy, but it’s how I felt!

I knew the name would be The Fitness Leader Institute, and I knew I’d start with fitness coaches since that was the industry I’d spent about 14 years in… and I could expand later.

It’s hard to describe (or recreate) my brain’s ability to run me through exactly what I needed to do and how it knew to wake me at just the right moment. I DO know that certain things have led to MORE of those events as I’ve begun to understand more about the brain!

I’m learning that it’s possible to recreate this state and go to those places to get the answers we’re searching for. It’s science!

This experience showed me that the key my business had been missing was confidence that it would actually work. You show up differently when this happens. It’s like a placebo affect- when you THINK something is happening, your body creates the chemicals and responds accordingly! (MANY studies have been done on this! Dr. Joe Dispenza talks about how people’s diseases often disappear after getting placebos because they thought they were receiving certain medications. Check out his series, Re-Wired on the Gaia network!)

The body reacts differently based on what we think and feel.

After I had this dream and felt unstoppable, it was as if my body took over. I was waking up each morning around 4 or 5 (very unusual for me), and the actions started to follow. The motivation came, and I was clear on where I needed to go.

This is how that first manifestation came to be.

There have been a few others since then, and what’s interesting is the better I got at creating these manifestations and things I could feel deep in my bones, the more it created this rhythm of the things I wanted to happen in my life happening more quickly.  

The second manifestation came after I’d joined a mastermind.

My mentor, Rick, talked a LOT about mindset. I thought I had a good one, but I learned that’s not necessarily what it’s all about… it’s about knowing how to prime your brain, because our brains aren’t equipped to deal with risks. (Its default is fight or flight, which isn’t good for entrepreneurs!)

Rick asked everyone what it would feel like to have a five-million-dollar business, and I suddenly realized I already felt it. I didn’t have to imagine it!

I was already feeling the emotions of abundance that would come with helping that many people. When your body can feel what it’s like to be at that goal, a chemical shift happens…. and my actions certainly changed as a result.

I didn’t have one foot on the gas and one on the brake anymore, and guess what? That was our first seven-figure year. (There were about four years between the first dream and my second epiphany.)

Remember, time constraints are something we make up! They say the first $100k is the hardest to make because our beliefs aren’t aligned yet! It took three years to get to about $10,000 per month inconsistently… then it took just ONE year to go from 10K to $100k per month… consistently.

The third manifestation I had was a very real, clear vision of my daughter before I was pregnant with her.

At the time, I was not feeling hopeful about having children. I’d just had two failed pregnancies at around 18 weeks.

In my vision, we were walking down the beach with her, and she had curly blonde hair. (If you’ve seen Coco, you’ll recognize that this vision was truly her.) Within six weeks, I found out I was pregnant.

It’s not enough to be stuck in your own habits. 90% of our thoughts repeat every day, so we only have about a 10% window to change the trajectory of our lives. When you start to incorporate visualization and meditation, you start to visualize what you actually want… and your brain doesn’t know the difference! Neurons make connections between what you think about, and those emotions will change the chemistry of your body.

Manifesting and meditation have helped me connect changing my thoughts to what I want instead of getting stuck in patterns of repeating what I DON’T want.

Meditating just once probably won’t change your life. It’s a practice of digging for gold nuggets. I don’t always have crazy experiences, but I’m starting to understand why those sessions are important for changing the neurons in my brain.

You can start to break through what’s actually going on in your subconscious mind. (It’s leading you on autopilot whether you like it or not!) Meditation helps you re-program and places you on a better trajectory to see the future you want to achieve.

I hope this is juuuust enough “woo” to motivate you to look up
Re-Wired by Joe Dispenza and consider how you start and end your day!

I’ve found that having a morning meditation and a gratitude practice has been life and business-changing!

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